[07/29/2013] STL BarWarz 3.0 | Mahvelous Mondaze VIII (UMVC 3 1v1)


Strap the hell in, ladies and gentlemen, because we have quite the Mahvel Season Premier for you all! If you haven’t already heard, Brandon “IFD|Tuboware” Brockman becomes our newest member this Monday night!!! This would be a big enough event on its own, but we wont have much time for welcomes: its Season Premier time!!! Rex0r is already off to a hot start in AE; can he make lightning strike twice and start a stranglehold on Big 2 in STL? Will our newcomer make a splash with a Week 1 victory? Or does someone else think that this is THEIR season, come hell or high water? We’ll know soon enough!

Tune in or stay free!!!


STREAM: http://twitch.tv/stlbarwarz

6 PM - Casuals Begin/Stream Setup
7 PM - Tourney Signups commence
8 PM - Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 1v1 [$5]

Format: UMVC 3 - 3/5 All Sets

All the nights tourneys are double elimination.
70/20/10 payout


If you want to waive the $5 venue fee and help out STLBarWarz please register to reserve a station for your setup. Set-ups must include both a console and a screen. During tournaments STLBarWarz reserves the right to ask you to set your station to a particular game, however you may otherwise play whatever you’d like at your set-up. We may also be preferential to those who bring ASUS or other low-lag monitors vs. monitors which have noticeable lag. If you reserve a station in advance you have until the first tournament starts to get it set up or your space may be used by someone else.

For those who bring a set-up without a reservation you will be allowed to set-up on a first come first serve basis until all the spots are filled. We will also waive your venue fee. (Note: If you and a friend come up and one brings a console and the other a screen, only one person can claim that setup… the other must still pay).

As always, STL BarWarz is proudly brought to you with support from our sponsors/partners:

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