0746 got a question about P2PKaillera

Hello 0746 how’s it going man :slight_smile:

Hey a friend and I were playing mame 0.119 via p2pK yesterday, and it got me wondering…is it possible you could implement p2pkaillera in a newer version of mame? 0.119 is a couple dozen revisions old now, and they are up to 0.133u1 with a hundreds of newer games added. I would love to be able to play some of these newer games online.

Could you see what you can do about about putting p2pk in the latest version?

Thanks man, and thanks again for creating p2pk…it may not be GGPO in terms of lag-less play, but in many ways it’s better, since mame offers over 8000 games…a few thousand times MORE than GGPO ever will!

My suggestion for you instead would be this:

  1. Grab a heater
  2. load that thing
  3. point that between your eyes
  4. pull the trigger a few times while doing that

and then it should work with the latest version of mame

:wonder: And today’s winner is…

:encore: 0746

Next time use the PM box… dood!