(08/2/11) 8 on the Break Weekly #119

Another exciting tourney from the Break!


1: MarlinPie (Yun)
1: KDZ (Yun)
3: Kazi (El Fuerte)
4: Josh Wong
5: Dynicksty
5: Damian
7: MaxOut
7: quotes
9: Ricky Ricardo
9: Joe Lewis
9: Trowe
9: DeadPool
13: Puccabuki
13: TPuff
13: Icey


1: Josh Wong (Dante, Magneto ,Wesker)
2: MarlinPie (C. Viper, Magento, Amaterasu)
3: Quotes (Deadpool, Dante, Taskmaster)
4: EMP Mugetsu
5: KDZ
5: TenStars
7: Vex
7: Ricky Ricardo
9: BadFish
9: MaxOut
9: Damian
9: HackIsLegit
13: EdtheHead
13: Paranoid

Nice Results

SSF4AE and MVC3 Tournament August 13th in Central Jersey, here’s the link: [Aug 13, 2011] KTAR 6 - MVC3/MK9/SSF4AE/Brawl/Melee - South... (South River, NJ)

Wowww…MarlinPie said “fuck it” and started playing Yun?

Yo, What’s up everyone! My name is Jamaal. I live in Lakewood NJ but i’m originally from Union NJ. I was in Vegas last week for my friends birth day and managed to stop by the EVO tournament and it was crazy! I’ve always been into fighting games but never been really good at them and after watching EVO I wanna change that. I never realized how playing better competition will make you a better player so now i’m searching for people to play against. Don’t think i’m quite ready for tournaments yet but i’d like to do some casuals.

The games I play are

[]Super Street Fighter 4 AE
]Marvel vs Capcom 3
[*]Mortal Kombat 9
My PSN ID, though i’m not online much, is: Trickingamer

Anyway please hit me up.