08/30/2008 MvC2 CTF Results

The tournament had about 20 people including BSP and Shawn Morgan from Jersey. Thanks for comming out guys it was a pleasure.

1st. Desmond “Xecutioner” Pinkney (Santhrax)
2nd. Lincoln “DragonGod” Morris (MSS/Thrax/Scrub)
3rd. Arthur “Baby Wolvie/Chaosnightwolf” Catigbe (Santhrax/MSS)
5th. Jorge “Ironman” (Mag/IM/Psy) / Javier “Khameleon” Chorrillos (MSS/Thrax)

Highlights Include:

  • ChaosNightWolf vs his father Desmond Sent vs Sent was godlike.
  • Shawn Morgan whooping ass and proving MvC2 is like riding a bike
  • Liston finally getting his revenge on AK
  • Lincoln beasting and going on a winning streak vs Me, Desmond, Mike, Sylvester in a row
  • Rahsaan stepping his MSP game up.
  • Me finally owning Jorge is tournament.

Video’s were recorded by AK and will hopefully be put up soon.


X is back on his X shit!!! Good shit Shawn. Reppin Jersey to the fullest. BlackSidePhil, good to see u again. It sucks now that the Break is probably the last arcade left in NJ and its far as hell, but call me and let me kno when u might be up there

wow good shit, prolly go next time.

Javier tied for 5th. Thanx for posting I just woke up…lol

The Break is damn near in another state in itself. I HATE drivin’ out there…I was gonna come after work too. What time do the tournies usually start?

I think a lot more Chinatown players need to enter. It seems a lot back down when asked if they want to enter a tournament but they should realize that’s it’s only a small bi-weekly tournament for 10 bucks. It’s not like you all are entering majors were it would really matter if you lost.

$10 isn’t a lot, but it isn’t really cheap. So, practically throwing away ten bucks may not be appealing to some, especially when they’re already paying for games in and out of tourney that day.

I’m more referring to the MvC2 players who have been playing for a year or two now. There are a few notable players who never enter tournament but play at least 4 days out of the week. Just really doesn’t make sense to me.

I had to leave at about 7:30. I know I was gone before it ended. I got some matches showcasing Jorge’s IM (Tony Stark is a work of art). I was visiting family in NJ. Next time, I’ll travel to attend the tournament in full.

Good times.

where was young avila???

he was done, thats what happen.

where da vids at this tourney was serious

Agreed. That’s pretty weird, not to mention it doesn’t do much to show support for the scene. Good luck getting entry numbers up! Maybe you could hold a $5 to see if numbers change.

well, to tell the truth since its was 10$ ive seen the numbers rise vs when it used to be for 5$


Some are there… and I’m not even in the same region as you guys and I found em. :bgrin:

Good games to all. Shawn Morgan hasn’t lost much of his game btw.

vids are here:


Entertaining matches, I am surprised you guys are this active!!

Ya should get a blog thing like this going:


The way arthur shit on my santhrax, ouch. I’ll be better prepared next time.

Good seeing everyone.

wow nice matches guys, gonna try to make it to the next one.

Same here.