09/07 Seattle MvC2, CvS2, ST results

MvC2 26 people

1-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel
2-Jason Mar-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel
3-Rattana Phanthourath-Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops
4-Evan Wenzel “Rairu”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel, Storm/Sentinel/Commando
5-Kyle Chow-Magneto/Cable/Psylocke
5-Mark Santos-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel
7-Sam Biniam “samB”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel
7-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Storm/Sentinel/Cable, Magneto/Storm/Sentinel

CvS2 15 people

1-Sam Yatchmenoff “fatbear”-A Blanka/Hibiki/Bison
2-Sam Biniam “samB”-A Iori/Todo/Blanka
3-James Siew “Peachy”-C Sagat/Vega or Mai/Blanka
4-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-C Sagat/Yamazaki/Chun Li
5-Rattana Phanthourath-C Sagat/Terry/Yamazaki
5-Chris Zamanillo “icenine”-K Ken/Hibiki/Sagat
7-Jetay Barber “raishinken”-P Mai/Bison/Cammy
7-Chris Calas “red bull”-K Vega/Sagat/Blanka

ST 15 people

1-Julien Beasley “zass”-Balrog/Boxer, Bison/Dictator, Vega/Claw, Chun Li, DeeJay
2. Keith Huang “Doughboy”-Vega
3. Julian Blake-Balrog/Boxer
4. Nate Montes “XTG”-Zangief, Vega
5-Mo Shanahan-Balrog
5-Sam Yatchmenoff “fatbear”-Ken
7-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Chun Li
7-Mike D-Dunno who he used.

This was the beginning of Season two. A bunch of crazy matches in all the games. Glad to see PDX showing up and representing. Here’s the point totals…

Rodolfo Castro-10 pts
Jason Mar-7 pts
Rattana Phanthourath-5 pts
Evan Wenzel-3 pts
Kyle Chow-1 pt
Mark Santos 1 pt

Sam Yatchmenoff-10 pts
Sam Biniam-7 pts
James Siew-5 pts
Mandel Scott-3 pts
Rattana Phanthourath-1 pt
Chris/Icenine-1 pt

Julien Beasley-10 pts
Keith Huang-7 pts
Julian Blake-5 pts
Nate Montes-3 pts
Mo Shanahan-1 pt
Sam Yatchmenoff-1 pt

Next tourney should be on the 21st.

Good shit Kuanizzle. Keep it up.

I would like to say “you’re welcome” to JMar and Mandel. I realize not everyone lets you have the opportunity for such magnificant comebacks, but I work real hard to fuck up real bad. Note I had a 30 game win streak on the garage cabinet, but console + you guys owned me for free. XD

The late night low tier-ish action in the garage was excellent. Moe’s Shuma Gorath is really savage, surprisingly enough.

you dont record vids of these tournies :(?

Sometimes. But I’ve got a stack of ~25 miniDV tapes I’m still encoding that says right now I’m a little burnt out. If somebody else wants to (Nate records Super Turbo, for example), that’s fine with me. I typically will if someone local asks, but right now I didn’t find it to be an exciting idea. :smile: