.:: 09.08.07 : FFA CvS2 Bi-Weekly Results ::

1-2, 1-2,

Last night’s CvS2 tourney had a good tournament. 15 entrants. And here are the results:

1st - Evil Elvis
2nd - Ed Ma
3rd - Drizzt01
4th - Psycobetabuckdown
5th - GeeseHoward
5th - R | C
7th - SiN
7th - Leo
9th - The Muffin Man
9th - John
9th - Sanjay
9th - Scott
13th - Sanchez
13th - Reis
13th - Josh

I forgot the teams, but I remember Warren using K and C - Groove (Ken, Cammy, Sagat), I believe. Don’t know which team Ed Ma ended with, but I know he used C-Groove (Mai, Chun, Sagat?) to take me out of losers. I forgot who the last character was, but his Mai made herself present in our match.

Willy, Drizzt01, interchanged his C-Groove (Kyo, Ryu, Kim) team with his A-Groove (Yuri, Athena, Kim) team. I went with P-Groove (Rolento, Ken, Sagat) the whole way. Cesar, a.k.a. GeeseHoward, went with A-Groove (Rolento, Bison, Geese). Ronnie rolled with P-Groove (Sakura, Sagat, Cammy?). Fill me in peoples. Forgive my inaccuracy.

Good turnout and good to see new faces because support for CvS2 is support for CvS2. Peace y’all and good games.

  • JC

good job to leo + ai/rfc crew!

GGs to everyone. I thought I could have one of my miraculous Blanka comebacks vs. Leo in Losers after getting mostly destroyed by Sakura, but he was just better than me :P.

I think Warren played CBS when he was in K groove at least in one match.

I clearly need to practice up for the next one :).


Good Games to everyone, Fun tournament.
It was nice seeing lots of old familiar faces, glad you guys are doing well.
Thanks to all who ran the tournament; can’t wait for the next one.

I played P-Sakura/Sagat/Cammy2.
Not to shabby for being in a 1+ year hiatus. :wgrin:
I’ll practice up for the next one.

GG’s to all

Thanks to all the peeps that came out, hope to see you guys next weekend!

next time

I’m gonna make plans to show up at the next one! Edma getting 2nd? That’s free moneys!

good to see familiar names up there.

wtf SiN showed up?

Good games all. I actually used Maki, not Mai, or tried to use her anyway. I will try to show up when I can. It’s just a far drive from Irvine.

Woo good showing. opefully we can keep this CVS2 Bi-weekly alive, so cal needs a CVS2 scene.

Next Bi-weekly lands on sept 22nd. We will try to have head to head set up on the american cabinets. Everyone seems to like this over the Big Screen and jap cab.

Good shit on Warren takin 1st! See you folks in 2 weeks.


Yo, Cole. You gonna be there next time? I thought you were gonna show up to this one, man! But if shit came up, it’s all good.

And Zugg. Yup, SiN did show up. Back from retirement I guess. So you gonna come down next time? Haven’t seen you for the longest. Last I heard you were shipped up to space to see if the miracle blade can work up there. j/k. :smiley:

  • JC

was this played on the jap cab? if so i’ll try to make an appearance (if work allows me ^^;)

It was played on the other cabinet, but you’re allowed to play on the Japanese cabinet if your opponent agrees to play on it as well. A match between Muffin Man and SiN and also a match between Warren and Ed Ma were played on the Japanese cabinet.

You’re another one I haven’t seen in a long time, Bean. And I haven’t played you even longer than that! It’ll be cool if you show up to one of these tourneys. Peace.

  • JC

Congrats to Leo and Scott. Top 8! Top Tier!

good shit guys, Hey southtown, you guys should come down sometime this week and train up with us out in Riverside. Let me know next time a few of you guys have some free time.

Announcement for this week’s tourney ?
(is it still goin’ down?)