0ShinAkuma0 Closing down

I’m just passing on the news, and trying to help a friend.

So in his recent upload (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs-dHDOOOYI ) , ShinAkuma said that due to some issues with his laptop and the company he bought it from not being willing to replace it, his youtube channels (0ShinAkuma0 and Ov3rheadGreg) will be shutting down indefinitely. Usually, I don’t speak out on stuff like this. But his channels have been very important in documenting tournaments, amazing FT10 sets, and has introduced us to strong players who we otherwise may not have ever known anything about. I speak particularly about his Ov3rHeadGreg channel, because without that channel I think its hard to believe we’d still have footage of japanese tournaments like the topanga cup at our finger tips easily. ([SIZE=2]anyone remember LordAborigineSF4?) [/SIZE]

If we had things like these channels and Youtube around in the nineties, the SF culture, the VS series culture, and the games that were played widely beyond them where would we be? Maybe we’d actually have some accessible footage of Tomo Ohira, or maybe we’d know of even better players that existed then (and probably still do now). Point is, ShinAkuma’s channels are important to our community as it stands now. Eventually, he will have a donate button available. If you can donate, please do so. We all benefit.


waaaaat? i just started watching his shti today :frowning:

Man, this is terrible news. It’s amazing that something so small can shut an essential part of the community down. Best of luck.

Also, I think we’ll find some long lost footage of Tomo somewhere. It’s probably in some old LA families VHS collection and they don’t even care.

So the fuck what…

Who? And What?

If you don’t see losing footage of our generations players as important. Then I don’t blame you for not caring. I do, however. So i’m looking to prevent the foreseen.

No offense, but you should probably post this in the SFIV forums or somewhere in Fighting game Discussion. Most people here won’t give a shit, hell most people on GD don’t even play fighting games on a regular basis.

I hear you. I just wasn’t sure where to post it. There isn’t a lot of youtube talk on the SFIV forums, and so I figured here was my best bet.

is there any way we can talk him out of closing the account?

Its not that he wants to. Its that he has no other option apparently. So some of us are trying to spread the word, until he opens up a donation button so we can help him get his laptop fixed.

You act like this dude is the ONLY person putting SSF4 footage up on youtube…wahhh.

to be honest i only started watching his vids for like a day, but they are epic and he uploads so much content. so imo this thread is a good thing.the japanese players are great, i luv watching his uploads.

yeah this guys got tons of subscribers that really dont wanna see his channel go, may not be news to some of you but this is a fuckin tragedy to me. even though im a ssf4 uploader too XD he got some exclusive jap contacts n such he gets the best matches!! plus AE JUST dropped and the follow function is working wonders

Oh, thought this was a topic on him getting copyrighted or something… youtube has gone downhill so bad it’s not even funny. SSF4 character themes are now copyrighted so if you upload vids make sure to turn the arranged songs off before recording.

I hope everything works out for him and his viewers :frowning:

so people are gonna buy him a new laptop? heh

na i wudnt play for it. alot of the time people try and do this stuff so people will donate money. its sad really. but i dunno if hes doing it just to get money or not. i doubt it =/

Shin’s great, but do we really NEED his channel with so many others uploading and now having the ability to follow your favorite players with the AE update?

Call me a short sighted asshole if you’d like, but I don’t see how having a faulty laptop will prompt him to close down his Youtube accounts. I did enjoy watching a few of his videos though.

You go find me the topanga cup on youtube, in equally good quality or any other japanese arcade footage thats recent and we’ll talk. But really, i’m not here to argue with anyone the validity of his channels. I just need to make it known that SF extends further than Xbox Live and PSN. Also, no, no one is paying for him to get a new laptop lmao. I just wanted to get the news out there, some of his subs have insisted that he post a donate button so they can donate to him themselves to help him repair his laptop, if he does it, I wanted to let others know as well incase they also feel like donating. I know I am.