1/01/2004 NY Tournament at Cybertron (MvC2,CvS2,Alpha3,3rd Strike,& ST turbo)


2004 New Years Tourney

This was the first tourney of 2004 held at Cybertron. The games were Alpha 3,CvS 2, ST , 3rd Strike, and MvC2.

Results (Top 5):

Marvel vs. Capcom 2:

  1. Javier Chorrillos Khameleon (Team Santhrax & Team Row)
  2. Lincoln Morris DragonGod (Team Row & Team Scrub)
  3. Mike Pungzujarit Pungza (Team Santhrax)
  4. Brett Harbach “ShinRaven” (MSP)
  5. Ricky Chorrillos Desperado (Cable/Sent/T.Bonne)

Capcom vs. Snk 2:

  1. Lincoln Morris DragonGod (Sagat/Cammy/M.Bison) C groove
  2. Ricky Chorrillos Desperado (Athena/Blanka/M.Bison) C groove
  3. Javier Chorrillos Khameleon (Sagat/Blanka/M.Bison) C groove
  4. Mike Pungzujarit Pungza (Sagat/Honda/Blanka) C groove
  5. Brett Harbach “ShinRaven” (Sakura/Morrigan/Sagat) C groove

Alpha 3:

  1. Lincoln Morris DragonGod (Sagat) V-ism
  2. Javier Chorrillos Khameleon (Ken) A-ism
  3. Mike Punzujarit Pungza (Vega) V-ism
  4. Ricky Chorrillos Desperado (Karin) A-ism
  5. Brett Harbach “ShinRaven” (Sakura) A-ism

3rd Strike:

  1. Javier Chorrillos Khameleon (Ken)
  2. Mike Punzujarit Pungza (Akuma & Chun-Li)
  3. Brett Harbach “ShinRaven” (Ken & Chun-Li)
  4. Lincoln Morris DragonGod (Ken)
  5. Ricky Chorrillos Desperado (Chun-Li)

S.T. turbo:

  1. Javier Chorrillos Khameleon (Blanka)
  2. Lincoln Morris DragonGod (Ryu, Chun-Li, & Blanka)
  3. Ricky Chorrillos Desperado (Chun-Li)
  4. Mike Pungzujarit Pungza (Vega & Chun-Li)
  5. Brett Harbach “ShinRaven” (Ryu & Ken)

-Lincoln beasting on CvS2 with his Sagat.
-Pungza raping Lincoln in 3rd strike with his Akuma.
-Lincoln is the Snap-Back King in MvC2
-Close fight between Pungza & Javier in the Finals of 3rd Strike.
-Javier stopping Lincolns Ken dragon punch super with his own super in 3rd Strike.
-Ricky beating Javiers full Blanka with his 2 pixel Blanka.
-Pungza coming back on Lincoln with a 2 percent storm in MvC2.
-Brett placing high in 3rd strike for his first time playing the game.
-Brett almost beasting on Javiers team row with his MSP,but Javier came back to win the match.


congrads to all of the top 5 finalist, beast fest has already started for the new year:D


oh shit, now brett… play me in third strike… haha


damn right i am a fucking beast ahhhhhhrrr!



U 2 can get 2nd in 8 man tourney!


Good shit javier,

I’ll REALLY beast on you next time!

MSP that sh@t!


Next one

Yo Javi, when’s the next tourney gonna be?