1.02 Chris



Post changes (if any) of 1.02 Chris.


Well why not wait till we have found any changes before making this thread, I mean what happens if nothing changed? This thread becomes a waste does it not?


Hello guys

His normals seems better!


how so?


In the Soulcalibur forum when we got a balance patch, every character Soul Arena had a 1.02-03 thread.

Is easier to navigate and put the info there.

If Chris doesn’t have anything on the patch, well yes, let the thread die, sure.


His normals seem faster.
His priority seems better.
Hit hitboxes seem bigger.
His recovery seems quicker.

And what does “seems” mean in a changes thread? It means: “well I’m not really sure but I thought I’d pull this out of my ass anyway to make you guys think about it, lol I mean I don’t really play the game all that much and now I’m noticing imaginary improvements that I can’t even explain and haven’t tested at all but anyway this move looks like it’s…”

gg Chris 1.02 thread.

This isn’t the Soul Calibur forum and that game & community sucks ass.


Ouch lol


In general, 1.02 didn’t change anything about any character except Sent’s health. Outside of that, some glitches/infinites were removed. Even “changes” like Dormammu’s j.:m: doing 70k were false. It’s always done 70k, the player’s guide is just wrong.

I heard someone say that Chris’ Grenade Launcher hyper is now projectile invulnerable though, is this true? Was it always projectile invulnerable?


It had some weird properties before, the first shot of the launcher protected chris from projectiles, so you would see awkward shit like chris firing right through a chaotic flame or something. This was a minor patch and thats why I personally didn’t think this thread was necessary. Don’t want the chris forums to end up like some of the other character forums with 17 irrelevant threads.


Grenade super stops beams cold. Shit like Million Dollars or Hawkeye super plow right through it.


basically, same as before patch. grenade always beat a lot of stuff


Yeah, each Grenade Launcer shot has 1 high priority durability point, so it eats beams for breakfast, as Sanchez noted.


if never went through million dollars before so that is new.


Forgot to tell you guys, chris can now dash cancel he couldn’t before


I think what sanchez meant was million dollars plows through the grenade shot and hits chris.


Are you serious? Chris honestly just got twice as good. Maybe even three times better.

His movement was one of his most limiting factors imo. It made dashing risky, approaches were difficult, and just overall slowed him down. I’m excited for this, if it’s true.


oops i read that wrong.

dash canceling is a godsend for chris. he just feels so sluggish and stiff without it. this will help out a lot!


Either Slayerslice is incorrect or Chris’ dash cancel improvement is negligible. I’m in training mode right now and am not seeing a difference in Chris’ dash cancels. As I understood it, Chris was already able to dash cancel midway through in 1.00 and 1.01 (says so in the official strategy guide). I see no noticeable difference in 1.02. How exactly are you testing this?

Characters with horrible dash cancels have a terrible time with jump-in combos. If the jump-in attack is too far, then their uninterruptible dashes prevent them from closing the gap and continuing the combo with a normal move.

In my test, I had Chris perform a jump-in air S, land, c.L-c.M-s.H-f.H. In my experience, the frame advantage on air S, though not provided in the guide, is plenty of time to land and perform c.L – this combo works 100% of the time. However, if Chris’ dash cancel improved, you should be able to jump-in air S, land, dash cancel into c.L-c.M-s.H-f.H – sadly, this doesn’t work. I can now record footage with input data should you need more convincing.


I could of sworn Chris didnt have a dash cancel, he had a dash like ryu


Chris, Iron Man, Ryu and Tron have interruptible dash cancels midway through – that’s probably why you felt that way.

Here’s another test using your team (Spencer, Hulk and Chris): turn the Turbo buttons on for M and H and hold them down while in training mode. You’ll perform a [media=youtube]FjOrvtll-4g"[/media]. Spencer has a dash cancel, so it looks like he’s freaking out because you’re canceling his dash into another dash so fast. Hulk doesn’t have a cancelable dash, so there’s nothing special about holding down the turbo buttons with him. Chris, however, falls somewhere in between, where there’s a noticeable cancel, but not nearly as fast as Spencer.