1.02 Morrigan

Post changes (if any) of 1.02 Morrigan.

I already tested the damage of all of her moves, her stamina, and her damage boost while in X-Factor. Nothing seems to have changed.

Seems exactly the same to me aswell. Tested all of my BnB’s normally and tested all of my Xfactor “kill” combos. Sepped, power, and stamina all seem the same.


Nice to know Morrigan remained unchanged.

Question, did her X-Factor AV blockstun trap remained? Haven’t tested.

ive seen this weird thing during soul fist that has little flashes of light going back towards her after it hits, ala modok analyze cube. Any one else see this??

I think it was either right before or during the tourney today at SDCC

It’s a new move. qcf+S… Morrigan fires a soul fist which absorbs 1/3 of the enemy’s meter on hit. Sounds really good, but it has a slow startup. I’d really like to know if you can use this move in the air or if it’s possible to throw out a couple of these in her combos. And I wonder how the effect will change during Astral Vision.

Sounds like they took the concept behind Dark Harmonizer and made it into something she can use herself while on point. Looks like Morrigan may have just become the anti-Dark Phoenix character.

or pro dark phoenix character. Especially against snap happy players