1/1/04 MVC2 Results @ The Break NJ!

First off mad props to Rob thanks for coming from Staten Island - too bad your friends didn’t enter since you guys made the trip and all :slight_smile:

  1. Shawn Morgan - MS^2
  2. Ed the Head - Magneto/Cable/Sent
  3. Alex Monin - whatever teams was on the machine you cheap bastard haha
  4. Blacksyde Phil - Sent/Cable/Bh, Storm/Sent, etc.
    5a. Robert Sigley - MSP
    5b. Not DDR Justin just Doc - Storm/Cable/Commando
  5. Trent - MSP
  6. Phi - Scrubbbbbb
  7. Ten - Magneto/Sent/Cyclops
  8. Rob - BBHood/Guile/Commando/Akuma
  9. J.B. - Sent/Cable/Commando

i took some pictures you can view them at http://www.eden.rutgers.edu/~rsigley/breaktourney/

they’re really high quality tho because i took then at 2048x whatever maybe i’ll put low res ones but i doubt anyone really cares that much haha

mad props to the guy outside of 7-11 who hustled me for $20 i was really believing your story til like i realized there’s no place called whatever in dunellen that you work at but it’s cool if you’re that poor you have to make up elaborate stories you can have my money.

Hey, you can have my quarters, but it doesn’t mean Chris has to have it, too. That place has taken enough of my money as it is. Besides, do I really have to pick my own teams to beat you and Phi? I decided to be lazy and take the Fat Glasses ™ approach - use whatever team is on screen.

“I can’t believe I lost to your scrub ass.” - Robert S. :lol:

You know I love you, Rob. :lol:


Fuck you Santa. You scare the shit out of everyone. They should go to Red Bank and put a Buddy Christ in there instead. Who’s your buddy?

haha you know i was joking i was put on the spot by pete to say something and that’s all i could think of. pete’s a funny guy haha.

phi showing a picture of a 12 year old girl to justin to win a match was just scary.

i hate that santa i was trying to talk on the phone outside and it kept singing non stop so annoying and it startles me non stop even tho i know it’s coming

wow top 2 didnt use storm/sent/aaa…WTF is the world coming to?:lol:

wish i wuz there

I never though the day would come where i was looking at someones website on my computer and there phill is…beating ass…like usual

it’s not DSP if that’s what you think

it’s Blacksyde Phil (aka Phil Johnson aka Goodbye aka Shawn Morgan steals all my combos) not to be confused with Darkside Phil

whoops, hater mode off…sry bout that :sweat:

steven is too much

sig:PREACH!!! … CHURCH!!!

wtf was i doing… i looked high…