1/10 CVS2 at The Break Results!

The farewell jerry hong tournament, people paid their respects to him by mimicing his gameplay throughout the tournament :smiley: Was only 11 people tho kinda sad :frowning:

  1. ricky o - a sagat/sakura/bison
  2. arturo - c sakura/cammy/blanka
  3. rob s - k dan/todo/joe or kyo/blanka/terry
  4. jerry - k cammy/blanka/sagat
  5. john v - a akuma/rugal/ken
  6. todd - c rolento/ryu/blanka

everyone missed the train :frowning:

I hate Ricky.

Me too he keeps taking my money, and Arturo’s RC’ing Sakura is the most annoying thing ever :frowning: