1/11/03 Family Fun Arcade: 3S and GGXX Full results

3rd STRIKE results:
1st Vic Vance
2nd George Posadas (Gee-O)
3rd Adolfo
4th Frank Melendez
5th John D (Rockefeller)
6th Alex Flores
7th Mayuko N; Ed Ma
9th Jose L., KingRaoh, Thomas S.(Arlieth), Yi W.
13th Damien H., Andy M., Christian M., Rico S.
17th Dash, Sean K., Conroy G., Leo G., Hiro O., Oswaldo R., Jeremy B., Marcos D.
25th Mike X., Rei, David M., Robert G., John H., James B., Joel T., Alberto E.

GGXX Results:
1st Saif (ID)
2nd Romel B. (Chaotic Blue)
3rd Phil (Professor Gorgeous)
4th Jose L. (V-Ism Potemkin)
5th Jonathan C.
6th Derek D.
7th David Song, Aaron F.
9th Jason G, Jose R., Richard A., Dash
13th Edder C., Gee-O, Oswaldo R., Mike X.

Damn, these tourneys just seem to get better and better! Good shit guys~ Good job Vic, way to represent teamfamilyfun!:smiley:


Wow!..that was a great tourney!..thanks to everyone for comming and supporting our little family fun tourneys :smiley:

Wish I was there Y.Y
No ride :frowning:

good stuff. props to Vic for takin’ it all. Damn, it’s enough that Family Fun has Frank as it’s “End Boss” and Pyro for “Mid-Boss” now FF has secret “End Boss” Vic. so many good players at FF. i gotta find another place to play. 3s rules.

Those last few matches in 3rd Strike awesome and unpredictable.

lol :lol:

amir what area do you live in?

Sherman oaks
like right next to the galleria

like right off the 405?


dude, family fun rules…but third strike ownz…:rolleyes:
good tournament!

good shit vic on winnin it all

Congrats to Geo and Adolfo. Too bad J.R couldnt show up.

Cheap ass boxer.:lol:

Actually, I heard that he used mostly Ken this time ‘round. And he went back to his old fav’, Chun, in the finals :smiley: Victor’s Chun Li is too nasty!

Vic is a very good player. Chun or no Chun. he is very good with several characters. Chun was the best option at that point in time. contrary to popular MYTH Chun is not some kinda unbeatable robot against an equally skilled opponent. she has abusable moves but you still gotta know what you are doing. otherwise your opponent can take advantage of you. Vic is a smart player so it makes Chun especially deadly in his hands. point is, if you are getting beat by Chun (or any character for that matter) it’s because your opponent is better. BloodUrien, you really need to head out to CA for some comp. hell i’m about ready to start a bring BloodUrien to CA fund and throw a BloodUrien vs. CA tourney. not very many people use Chun here because she is difficult to “master”. (once “mastered” it’s a different story but that can be said about most characters) it’s more like Shoto Hell here in CA. i swear the FF machine is broken and stuck on Ken. i think that the shoto’s can be whored more than Chun. late

Twelve pwnz Ken AND Chun. So there.

N - Did I mention Twelve pwnz Nebraska for free?

Yes its like a couple blocks from the mall

KingRaoh has the funniest avatar ever. and congrats and all.