1/12/06 Random Rico Tourney Results:

1/12/06 Rico Tourney Results (my house):


  1. Sebastian “ThyAllMighty”
  2. Albert “Pigadoken” aka I love oro
  3. Matt “Sir Phobos” aka I can kara dp like 101%
  4. Lawrence “DJ Jago”
  5. David “Akata”
  6. Christian “mtsac kid”
  7. Brendon “TGS”
  8. Alex “Showtime”


  1. Albert “Pigadoken” aka don’t ask me what i’m doing i’m just good at this game
  2. David “Akata”
  3. Sebastian “ThyAllMighty” aka i play this game like everyday
  4. Matt “Sir Phobos”
  5. Lawrence “DJ Jago”
  6. Christian “mtsac kid”
  7. Alex “Showtime”
  8. Brendon “TGS”

Why am I gay enough to post these results? What a sec, maybe it’s cause I like wang…

P.S. plz don’t ask, but there are no vids of me getting 3rd, it was too hot.

characters and teams used? bracket breakdown? sounds like a hot tourney.

It was super hot! Here’s the character/team breakdown from what I remember:

1st: Sebastian “ThyAllMighty” (Ken, Oro)
2nd: Albert “Pigadoken” (Ken, Chun-Li)
3rd: Matt “Sir Phobos” (Ken)
4th: Lawrence “DJ Jago” (Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li)
5th: David “AkAaTa” (Ken)
5th. Christian “mtsac kid” (Ryu, Ken)
7th. Brendon “TGS” (Makoto, Urien, Yun, Chun-Li)
7th. Alex “Showtime” (Makoto)


  1. Albert “Pigadoken” (P-Kyo/Cammy/Sagat)
  2. David “AkAaTa” (A-Rolento/Blanka/Bison, C-Sagat/Chun/Blanka, some other batch teams)
  3. Sebastian “ThyAllMighty” (Random batch teams)
  4. Matt “Sir Phobos” (A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka)
  5. Lawrence “DJ Jago” (A-Sakura/Sagat/Ken, K-Cammy/Blanka/Sagat)
  6. Christian “mtsac kid” (C-Sagat/Guile/Ken)
  7. Alex “Showtime” (P-Zangief/Ryu/Akuma)
  8. Brendon “TGS” (A-Kyo/Sakura/Bison?)

I had to play Albert, then David right afterwards in CVS2 winners bracket, even though we only had one good stick for everyone to use. :rofl:

I never got the chance to play Sebastian in CVS2 though! You’re going down next time, sucka! I’ve got some more Umeshoryu for you in 3S too. :rofl:

hahaha i know the bracket was rigged for you matt, i dunno how i got 3rd place with only 2 wins, hhahaha, if i played you i would have lost

Ah, I was just messing around! Actually, I dunno, you could beat me in CVS2 if you started working your 50/50 Ken mixups in the corner! That shit is deadly.

Dope. Good job Phobos. ;D

Wtf? Phobos 4th place. That tourney was definately rigged!!