1/12 - 1/21 Mad Catz WC Warzone SALE! 20-30% OFF FightSticks + $110 Shipped MVC TE!

Due to the volume of orders, we are experiencing some delays with our store/deliveries. Please be patient when ordering/awaiting your order.

Damn you Mad Catz!!! Always attacking the deal whore in me! I just bought two wii sticks!.. And I don’t even own a wii!!! I don’t know when I’m going to own a wii! I just know the deal is too good to pass up in case one day I get a wii… if that even makes sense… idk… makes sense to me… the deal whore = D

Buying sticks for a system you don’t have (yet)…Now that’s funny, haha!

I ordered the TvsC sticks last week and got them in. They were CHERRY. I just ordered two more since the extra discount makes it 49 with shipping. I guess my kids got new sticks now.

Done and done!

Ok, I caved in & just ordered the Chun-Li stick! Thx for the hookup Markman! The SFAE (w/iL, Happ, Sanwa & Cthulu) & TE rd2 sticks need to go asap now (they’re in the trading outlet) especially since I’m debating if I wanna get the TvC deal, LOL!