1/16 SOVA Ranbats, Ranbat 4-3

Though we only had 12 people for SF4, the matches were awesome. Especially Grand Finals. You’ll just have to see the vids when I post them. Anyway, here are the results.


1: Foomy - Rufus
2: Ryry - Balrog, Rufus, Cammy, Viper, Ryu, Sagat
3: 10x - Ken
4: Jay In VA - Abel
5: UEZ - Chun Li
5: Blackula - Sagat
7: Winback - Guile
7: Syber Ninja - Akuma, Rufus
9: Dsinnie - Blanka
9: DBC - Cammy
9: Liquid Snake - Bison
9: PHB - Guile


Tekken 6

3: Tom Brady
4: Blackula
5: Ryry
5: Winback
7: Neo Xian Wu
7: Lil Jin Boy
9: Jaguar
9: Vegeta
9: Wai
9: Syber Ninja
13: PHB
13: DBC
13: Mito
13: Dsinnie

Foomy using rufus?..

Good shit!

I play rufus aswell.

There ya go Black! Can’t wait to see the vids! I need to see how I beat RyRy this time, and how I fucked up yesterday :smiley:

In before PVP comes here saying he’d of won this one too LOL

This ranbat was fun as fuck. Only 12 players but there was like 20+ heads in there at least. A lot of people didn’t enter for whatever reason, which is fine. I had a blast.

SET omg Set in the kitchen was godlike. THATS WHERE I WENT WRONG IN NORFOLK. BRING SET AARON WTF!?

set is so damn good. better than SF?

damn i woulda won this one too. gs guys.

pat, did you get 1st and 2nd in tekken? i see two blanks by those spots.

yeah tekken was free.

Good shit matt! I wanna visit va and play all of you guys in 4 and tekken. Would I be allowed to enter one of your guys’ ranbats even though I’d just be visiting? sigh I miss VA.

of course.

:smiley: Thx Kris. I got you if you ever decide to come through VA, you know that.