1-17-03 svgl mvc2 results

1st-ricky ortiz - storm/sent-g/cyke spiral/cable-a/sent-g
2nd- anthony L - storm/sent/capcom
3rd- kim-hahn - sent/strider/doom, storm/sent/capcom

Just in case anyone wants to know… I think CvS2 results were:

1st. Ricky O.
2nd. Kim
3rd. Nelson

I forgot 4th, I got a brief look at the bracket. It might of been Buktooth, but I think he lost to Nelson and Kim. And I think Kieth or something like that got 5th with Josh P.

Sorry if any of this is wrong, I’m not a big CvS2 player

And why does everyone show up AFTHER the tourney? That P-Kyo guy came afther, that guy who always wears a beanie (Art, I think) came afther and then Dr. B and that big white guy came afther. A few other guys that play CvS2 came afther, too.

Would holding tourneys at night make any difference? I can understand if people have to work during the days. :frowning:

korngo your a beast:D .

good shit anthony:cool: u will get ricky next time
or maybe i will… it’s all good though he used cable on ya and played hella cheap so it’s ok and his spiral was just for battery charge:lol: oh well hope we’ll have another tourney next week!!!

Ok is there anyway we can have FREE TOURNIES…Ive talked tyo all the players at svgl and they would all play all the games if this were possible.Now think how much better everyone would get having free weeklies with everyone who cant afford or doesnt want to loose 5 bucks hella quick.They do this in Japan and hella ppl play.I could guarntee a huge tournout on bi or normal weeklies if they were FREE.Anyone have any idea on how to make this POSSIBLE???

Like I play 3s XX mvc cvs and alpha but i would only p[lay to be in XX…If it were free i would play ALL.And im not a scrub at any the games and prolly stand some chance(any1 there could front)so come on lets at least try.Some1 put me in the right Direction!!!

talk to tragic .

:D! thanks, but I’m still rusty, though. :frowning: 1st player was hella sucking when we first got there. It was funny, no one could dash. :lol:

I think tragic tried to throw free tourneys once, but no one came/or sign’d up. Which kinda sucks. And I think in Japan, they do have entre fees, but they don’t cost much and the Winner gets nothing, I think.

WHAT’S UP KORNGO! hey, about the free tournies i think so too tragic hosted free tournies. man today at svgl i did that nutty ass combo again staring O.T.G then all da way to da top of the damn screen!! anyway toal hits=32-35

           SENTINEL IS HELLA FANCY!!:cool:  + hard to do da fancy shit though:evil:

man i just think your sentinal is retarted crazy. BEAST!

                lol..... thanx ur sent needs to be brave sometimes cuz he always tries to block and pushblock everything, but the opponent will still be coming after u all with full speed:cool:  ur magnus is aiight dude just dont keep calling ur assist a lot

what teams were used in cvs2?


go kim!!!