1/17/2004 MVC2 @ Hawaiian Brians Billiards


Tournament was full of close matches…
Finals were fucking awesome.

1st - Golden Nismor
2nd - DJ-B13
3rd - PureElite
4th - Toberlicious

Correct me if I’m wrong…

PS: Why doesn’t anyone post tourney results here?


congradz to winners good game goldn nismor :slight_smile:
Misc style is pretty cool lol…


Sup DJ-B!!!:smiley:


SUP DJ B - 13!! hey did u record any vids over there at hawaiian brians for the finals? it’s cool if u didint i just wanna see the coolest shit u guys do:cool: any way props who placed


:lol: woo… we’ll get em next time…!!:lol: go B13…!!


Good job brain T. from your friends in the ATL.:cool:


Leviathan IIDX: I think no one posts results cause, we are all just too lazy to post them.
Maybe you could post them for us, and maybe even ask for the bracket sheet from Kent, and post that up on your site. I’ll even help you out.

Oh, and maybe we can "borrow" some of the video equipment at school, so we can record some of the matches.


yo, were any games recorded over there at hbb?
anyway it’s all good if u don’t got any recorded:cool: :cool: