(1/19/10) 8 on the BreaK Weekly #40

Tonight we tried something called a “Triple Elimination” tournament. This ended up meaning that all of the losers were put into a separate bracket, where they fought for a prize of $1.

Tournament Results:

  1. Ryder (Dictator, Akuma, Ryu)
  2. HackerMike (Blanka)
  3. Meyhem (Cammy, Boxer)
  4. Marlinpie (Viper)
  5. Dynicksty (Boxer)
  6. Rolento13 (Ken)
  7. Bibulus (Akuma, Sagat)
  8. Quotes (Akuma)
  9. Dizzy (Chun)
  10. PuppyGrapist (Rufus)
  11. Eugene (Rose)

$1 Tournament Results a.k.a. “The Magic Bracket”

  2. HackerMike
  3. Dynicksty
  4. Rolento13
  5. Marlinpie
  6. Meyhem
  7. Bibulus
  8. PuppyRapist
  9. Eugene

what time did this tournament actually start? I stopped going by because I’m not the biggest fan of being out too late on a Tuesday night.

Ryder stop playing my character.