1-2-3 kara uoh & tick kara throw

two great strats in close.

cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. lk, kara (cr. hk) uoh.

cr. lk, kara (cr. mk) throw.

joystick has to go back to neutral to get these off.
this cuts down on walking forward and i’m sure, frame data. (not sure exactly how much though.)

bump… no one is criticizing so i’m guessing this is decent… LoL…

lol yeah their pretty good. Most people dont like using the kara throws for Ken though. Guess cuz its not as good as the others.

yea, i agree it’s not nearly as good as the others. chun, ryu, and akuma’s kara throws are retarted.

I think the reason why no one is criticizing is because these are very hard to pull off, so the risk/reward ratio for a failed kara cr.roundhouse doesn’t make it worth it. Compare this to kara srk, where there is literally no risk.

yeah good point Cowboy. I still need to work on that kara shoryu myself

JQ: cudos for the rep my dude. I wish I knew how it worked hah

Ken’s Kara-Throw is pretty damn worthless, there is no point on using it whether it’s hard or not, because if it was too “hard” to pull off then no one would do the other characters kara as well. Timing is pretty much the same for everyone on the kara-throws, if people can consistently do it with Chun, they can do it with Ken. Anyways Ken’s kara-throw barely takes him anywhere to actually make it worth it to do, so no one bothers.

kens everything else is retarded :sad:

so, really the only one worth using is 1-2-3 kara uoh? everyone knows that after a 1-2-3, you are out of overhead range, idk. how about some expert advice. i’m just a novice.

short,jab - walk back a tiny bit, leap attack

cr. short, cr. strong. uoh.

s.hp, s.lk, uoh

sorry for the question… but what is “uoh” ?? O_oUu

Universal Overhead (the leap attack)

Oks. thx for answer me. n_n.

that helped me out as well.

Anyway whats a kara throw or kara juggle?

thank god ken aint got a kara through like chun, akuma & ryu. He would just have to much advantage over the rest of the cast.

Actually, it’s considerably harder to kara-throw off a crouching move, because you have to be standing in order to throw. Same goes with UOH, stick has to be in neutral position.

i don’t know of anybody in the entire world, including japan, who can kara throw using crouching moves consistently enough to be used in even a casual game - as such, i can’t really understand why it is being advocated as viable strategy

but supposing someone could do it consistently, the range on ken’s c.mk/c.hk kara throw is huge, so… i think there is some confusion in this thread

I thought Ken’s Kara throw was :l:+MK-LP+MP ?