1-2 September, Russia, Moscow. MFA2007 (6000$ in prize pot)

Date: Saturday September 1st - Sunday September 2nd
Location: Moscow, 4Game cybersport centre.

Moscow Fighting Arena is the largest russian fighting tournament ran by Fighting.ru project. This year the event will feature over 250 players from all over Russia and Ukraine and Belorussia. The confimed prize pot is $6000 and is likely top grow even bigger.

Approximate tournament schedule:
September, 1st:

  • [PS3] Virtua Fighter 5 1v1
  • [PS3] Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection 1v1
  • Tekken 5 1v1
  • Tekken 5 3v3

September, 2nd:

  • SoulCalibur III 1v1
  • Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike 2v2
  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core 1v1
  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core 3v3

Entry fee: For all foreign (non-CIS) players all tournaments are free.

Confirmed prizes: VF 5 1v1, T5 1v1, GGXXAC 1v1, SC3 - $1000 for each nomination.
SF3:3s 2v2, T5DR 1v1, T5 3v3, GGXXAC 3v3 - $500 for each nomination.
(And that gives us 4*$1000+4*$500=$6000 we already mentioned before.)

Tournaments structure:
VF 5 1v1, T5 1v1 and GGXXAC 1v1

  1. Group stage: All players will be devided into groups of six. Each player will play one game against each other player. Top-2 of each group will advance to the playoff.
  2. Playoff: Full double elimination, 2 out of 3 games.

SC3 1v1
Same as above except 2 out of 3 games at group stage and playoff 3 of 5 after 1/2.

T5 DR 1v1
Full Single Elimination.

SF3:3s 2v2

T5 3v3, GGXXAC 3v3
Full Double Elimination, best of 1.

Game Settings:
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
PS2 NTSC2 rounds (2/3), round time - 99 seconds.
All mods are banned.
Boss I-no stage is banned.

Virtua Fighter 5
3 rounds (3/5), round time - 45 seconds, 200% energy.
Dural is banned.
Character customization is not allowed.

Street Fighter III: 3rd strike
VS Mode. 2 rounds (2/3). Damage Level - 2. Round time - 99 seconds.
Gill is banned.

SoulCalibur III
PS2 PAL (60Hz)
.VS standart mode. 3 rounds (3/5). 100% energy. Neutral guard is off. Round time - 50 seconds. Stage select is off. Weapon select is off.
Bonus characters except Li Long, Ami and Hwang are banned.
Custom characters are banned.
Mitsurugi 88_22B VC, Zasalamel re-throw VC and Lizardman A~214B+G VC are banned.
It is allowed to use your memory card for character color customization.

Tekken 5
Versus Mode. 3 rounds (3/5). 100% energy. Guard damage is off. Round time - 60 seconds.
It is allowed to use your own memory cards.
Steve infinite is allowed.

Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection
Versus Mode. 3 rounds (3/5). 100% energy. Guard damage is off. Round time - 60 seconds
It is allowed to use your own memory cards.
inpachi is banned.

Where to stay: we will do our best to host all foreign players, but please do mail us about your intention to arrive in advance. Also feel free to send any questions at biologin [at] fighting.ru

This is Justin Wong, Put marvel there with guarantee pot and most likely I’ll be there!!!

Sorry, no one play Marvel here at all… But I think with our level of completion you can win 3S, T5 and DR with ease… Plus you can take part in team tournaments because one man teams are allowed here.

So T5 1v1 (500$ for first place) + 3S (250$ for first place) + T5 3v3 (250$ for first place) + DR 1v1 (250$ for first place) = 1250$

And all ended like this:

PSM MFA2007 results:

Virtua Fighter 5 1v1 (27 participants)

  1. Velone (Lei Fei, Lao) - 400 EUR
  2. Rufus (Kage) - mp3 player Qumo Senso 2Gb, 60 EUR
  3. Shaman (Vanessa) - mp3 player Qumo Senso 2Gb
  4. H_Hunter (Lei Fei) - 30 EUR
    5-6. SK0111 (Aoi); Sugata (Goh)
    7-8. 2R (?); Ryan (?)

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection 1v1 (64 participants)

  1. Z-Man (Feng) - mp3 player Qumo Senso 2Gb, 60 EUR
  2. Cloud (Law) - mp3 player Qumo Senso 2Gb
  3. Mars (Kazuya) - 30 EUR
  4. KID (Lili)
    5-8. CoxaTblu (Kazuya?), Akira (Julia?), Omega Z (Christie), Kingusha (King?)

Tekken 5 1v1 (78 participants)

  1. Akira (Law, Raven, Devil Jin) - 400 EUR
  2. Linteck (Steve, Hworang) - mp3 player Qumo Senso 2Gb, 60 EUR
  3. Z-Man (Feng, Steve) - mp3 player Qumo Senso 2Gb
  4. Omega Z (Christie) - 30 EUR
    5-6. Belial (Bryan); Romer (Marduk)
    7-8. Dwarf (?); SiNeMaN (Heihachi)

Tekken 5 3v3 (17 teams)

  1. FSB: Belial (Bryan), Z-Man (Feng), Linteck (Steve) - 210 EUR
  2. Dragon Team: Akira (Law), Bruce Lee (Law), Shaman - 120 EUR
  3. Plazma Team: Kingusha (King), Mars (Kazuya), ArT (King) - 45 EUR
  4. Adrenalin: Cloud (Law), Romer (Marduk), Brearius (Paul)
    5-6. Torro: Cleodan (Nina), Acidy (Law), Dwarf (Marduk); K.O: Rufus (Kazuya), Mario (Bryan), Elf (Lei)
    7-8. BelFight: Omega Z (Christie), Sol Badguy (Law), RedPitBul (Heihachi); Battle Team: SiNeMaN (Heihachi), King (Anna), Stranger (St. Petersburg)

Soul Calibur III 2v2 (48 participants)

  1. Irvin (Maxi) - 400 EUR
  2. Kingusha (Astaroth) - mp3 player Qumo Senso 2Gb, 60 EUR
  3. Terachi (Hwang) - mp3 player Qumo Senso 2Gb
  4. s1ash (Xianghua) - 30 EUR
    5-6. Toto (?); Raphael (Sophitia)
    7-8. Pavel (Sophitia); RvK (Maxi)

Street Fighter III:3s 2v2 (17 teams)

  1. Bonus Stage: Random F (Chun-Li), Bes (Gouki) - 2x mp3 player Qumo Senso 2Gb, 60 EUR
  2. Ingeborga Dapkunaite: Lolo (Ken), D (Gouki) - 90 EUR
  3. Brothers: Shakkashuu (Urien), Supreme (Yang) - 30 EUR
  4. Velikie ?hempiony: Slayer Moon (Ken), USA (Yun)
    5-6. Boom: Boom (Q), Edgar Po (Ken); Ken iz Gay: Gop-Stop (Chun Li), Raven (Makoto)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core 1v1 (70 participants)

  1. Goga (Chipp) - 400 EUR
  2. Raven (Eddie) - mp3 player Qumo Senso 2Gb, 60 EUR
  3. Minagushi (Slayer) - mp3 player Qumo Senso 2Gb
  4. Jeka (Potemkin) - 30 EUR
    5-6. Templar (Potemkin); Mirror (Ky)
    7-8. Llanowar (Baiken); Fiard (Testament)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core 3v3 (22 teams)

  1. F4sT: Mirror (Ky), Krotto (May), Jeka (Potemkin) - 210 EUR
  2. Pura Vida: Raven (Eddie), Goga (Chipp), Kiguri (A.B.A) - 120 EUR
  3. Booze Crew: RoBoBOBR (Slayer), Mad Tomato (Anji), Lis (Zappa) - 45 EUR
  4. Tender Damage: OverKilL. (Sol), Fiard (Testament), Sting (Venom)
    5-6. Kitaiskiy Mash: Incy (Venom), A.T (Jam), Cka3 (Faust); SuchkI: S.Claus (Chipp), Xa-happy (Sol), Templar (Potemkin)
    7-8. Pride: Tox (Anji), Depp (Axl), Mortis (Slayer); Prodaetsya, Moskvich, Deshevo: Avatar (Robo-Ky), Minagushi (Slayer), Llanowar (Baiken)

count me in son.

hey daddy, where should I count you in? )