1.21.06 WPB, FL Tournament Results!

Vortex: Better Than Sex Tournament III Results!

Tekken 5 (Rules changed to Round Robin due to lack of participants)
1st-XomhollamoX (Bob)
2nd-Shane (Asuka)
2nd-The WiLL (Law)
4th-SSJ2Jeff (Raven)
4th-Daireangel (Nina)

Street Fighter III Third Strike
1st-CEO of Darkness (Hugo and Q)
2nd-SSJ2Jeff (Makoto)
3rd-Marduke (Yun)
4th-AlottaBeast (Dudley)

Soul Calibur III
1st-CEO of Darkness (Astaroth)
2nd-Mad Fnorder (Maxi)
3rd-Icekid (Cassandra and Kilik)
4th-AlottaBeast (Cervantes and Ivy)

No play by play yet. Got to wake up in like 5 hours for work. After work, I’ll post up the play by play and later on this week or 2, pictures, ranking points and videos at WiLLvolution.com will be up.

Before I go to the other forums and copy and paste this, just wanted to say that this was a fun tournament. New people showed up as usual, more competition, more rivalries, and more experience and knowledge for everybody. Okay, WiLL is tired. Check back this thread later today. Peace!

hey Will that place was pretty nice,but next time you plan on holdin another tourney you should consider settin up 2 more TVs behind the main ones used for the tournament and run 2 tourneys at once. then you could squeeze in CvS2, GGXX#R and MvC2 and you would get really nice turn outs. all it would take is two more set ups.

ggs to CeO of darkness he had a nice Hugo.

Thats 1 for BCC south campus



yeh tht shit was nice, kinda disspaointed, i wanted 20 heads in t5 but oh well, awesome matches. yo will, i dnt know if u recorded the casuals after the 3rd strike game but me and this cat named pablo had a match and he had a sick king. i would love to see tht in ur vid for casual;s tht day. im there next time.

oh yeh forgot bout, good fukin hugo ceo of darkness. yeh and ssj2jeff had a sickmakoto<kara ftw> good job… and nice law will, u caught so many plp with laws d+1+2 3+4 lol.coughshanecough…

What is SSJ?

supersayajin from dbz ><.
thats beside the point.

ssj2jeff-Thank you for your suggestions. I’ll talk to Rob (The owner) about it and see what he can do.

XomhollamoX-I didn’t record the casuals against AlottaBeast. :frowning:

Like I said before that this was a fun tournament. Tekken 5 turnout was kind of what I excepted to be because no one responded back at the TZ forums or barely any feedback whatsoever. I will replace Tekken 5 for Capcom vs. SNK 2 at next month’s tournament. Congratulations to XomhollamoX for his victory.

Anyways, the Street Fighter III Third Strike tournament is definitely awesome. The competition is top notch and the WiLLvolution 2004 Champion, Lovecraft13 made his first debut in the Vortex tournaments! Street Fighter III Third Strike will be accepted to the WiLLvolution Ranking points system as well as be part of the The Vortex tournaments.

The CEO of Darkness vs. SSJ2Jeff is a must see.

CEO of Darkness had a hill to climb in the Grand Finals. CEO of Darkness was defeated by Deg’s Sophitia in the early bout and CEO had to fight his way in the Loser’s Bracket. He fought against first place rank AlottaBeast in the Loser’s Bracket, won and that match is the highlight of the night. He had other tests that he hasn’t experienced when he fought 2 other Astaroth players and toppled them and finally met up with Icekid at the Loser’s Finals. Another tough match but CEO had the extra umph to defeat him. The Grand Finals with Mad Fnorder awaits him. Mad Fnorder only had to win 3 matches and CEO of Darkness had to win 6. The match actually went to the final match and CEO of Darkness did what it takes to secure the victory!

Congratulations to CEO of Darkness for being the Double Crown tournament winner that day as well being the first person to win a tournament from the Loser’s Bracket. Thank you everybody and see you guys next month!

EDIT-I might bring back T5 in the March’s tournament.

nah you shouldn’t replace but just try to add the others. people didn’t show up cause they were thinkin “i’m not gonna travel all the way to west palm just for tekken and 3s.”

For my first tourney i had fun(even though I lost). I’ll be there next time, Im hoping you are considering to add GGXR and CvSII. That would be nice.