[1/21/2012] Max Out (Kansas City area monthly) results

Thanks to everybody who made it out and helped make sure things were running smoothly. No match footage was recorded for this event, this should be rectified in the future. Feel free to post shoutouts, memories, character info (if it’s missing/wrong in the listing) and scathing armchair criticisms as you see fit. Looking forward to next month’s Maxout!

Super Street Fighter IV 2012
Full bracket: http://kcsrk.challonge.com/maxout_1_21_12_sf

1st- Axiom (Ryu/Chun/Boxer)
2nd- Chachi (Ken/Ryu)
3rd- Focra (Gief)
4th- Spire Fan (T. Hawk)
5th- Count Smakula (Claw)
5th- BlackPhantom (Ryu)
7th- Fullbleed (Blanka)
7th- Dhoppler (Makoto)
9th- Roblox (Boxer/Ken)
9th- Mr. Mister (Juri)
9th- NotSponsoredForAReason (Claw/Gief)
9th- ComaToast (Claw)
13th- MGF (Cody)
13th- Lippa
13th- Trith (Honda/Cammy)
13th- Jessurugi (Ibuki)
17th- Boxy (Yun)
17th- Papermarkis (Boxer)
17th- FireTeam (Seth)
17th- YoGabbyGabby (Chun)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Full bracket: http://kcsrk.challonge.com/maxout_1_21_12_umvc3

1st- KC’s Notorious (Wolvie/Dorm/Akuma/Rocket Raccoon)
2nd- Focra (MODOK/Dorm/Doom)
3rd- iBrandon (Wolvie/X-23/Sent)
4th- Dr. Gatorade (Wesker/Zero/Akuma)
5th- Dat Boi STL (Mags/Wesker/Sent)
5th- Raith (Wesker/Felicia/Doom/Strider)
7th- GetThere1Time (Wesker/Doom/Phoenix)
7th- Trith
9th- MGF (Ryu/Dante/Chris)
9th- NotSponsoredForAReason (Skrull/Frank/Doom)
9th- Chris Vuu (Nova/Dante/Doom)
9th- Joe
13th- Axiom (Mags/Wolvie/Akuma)
13th- Scotcheroo
13th- Papermarkis (Zero/Wesker/Doom)
13th- ConicalMushroom (Hulk/Doom/Strider)
17th- Boxy
17th- Venruki
17th- Jan
17th- Jessurugi

King of Fighters XIII
Full bracket: http://kcsrk.challonge.com/maxout_1_21_12_kof13

1st- Dat Boi STL (Kensou/King/Robert)
2nd- KC’s Notorious (EX Iori/Robert/Takuma)
3rd- No Alias (Kyo/Terry/Kim)
4th- Radian (EX Iori/Kula/King)
5th- GetThere1Time (Ralf/Ryo/Billy Kane)
5th- MGF (EX Kyo/Terry/Ryo)
7th- Dhoppler (Maxima/Yuri/King)
7th- Mr. Mister
9th- Snipermav (K’/Hwa/King)
9th- Axiom (forfeited)

Tekken 6
Full bracket: http://kcsrk.challonge.com/maxout_1_21_12_t6

1st- Dat Boi STL (Bruce)
2nd- Axiom (Eddy)
3rd- Boxy (Christie)
4th- Mr. Mister (Wang/Kuma)
5th- MGF (Jin)
5th- prod1gy (Steve)

Mystery tournament cancelled due to technical difficulties.

I didn’t use nina or panda in the tourny. I used wang and kuma…o_O

Not sure if troll, but corrected anyway. I’m going off info from other players on character choice, it was a little too crowded to catch who was playing who myself.

I forfeit in KOF to keep the bracket running smoothly and quickly.

Yo shoutouts to Chachi for making this tread cause I was too lazy to.

Shoutouts to all the KC frauds of SF4. You know who you are

Big Big ups to Spirefan and making me wanna be a member of the I <3 Spirefan Fan Club

Big ups to Boxy. That whiskey was delicious.

GS to Chad for doing it big for the KC KOF community.

GS to Axiom for playing the game the way its meant to be played rather then trying to be a character specialist.

and GS to all to other winners of their represented tournaments. Even PJ

did you guys record/stream?

Again, we weren’t able to get anything recorded this time, but I think we’ll at least have something for future events as long we coordinate the equipment setup in advance.