1/23 2.6 HD Remix Ranbat Results DGV Reins again

Congratulations to DGV our Season 2.0 Ranbat champion i havent forgotten about the special prize i will deliver it once it’s ready!
Hello everyone sorry for the late post i just got home from fuddruckers in nor cal where DGV and I represented Denjin and took 2nd and third 3rd!!! Yea Choi beat us again…

Anyways thankyou everyone who showed up on saturday night it was another great Ranbat with some awesome matches that Gleen will post up later like always :smokin:

Here are the results for 2.6l
1.DGV (Ryu) 9
2.BlueTallCans (Blanka) 8
3.MuffinMan (deejay) 7
4.Mongolorobokop (Chun) 5
5.SweetJV (Dhalsim)3
5.Moocus (Ken,Blarog) 3
7.Sanchez (Vega) 1
7.RoTb Coffee (Vega,Balrog) 1

Really fun guys i love old Super T Thanks to Bagrat and MattChin!!! for playing with us guys lots of fun

Current HD Remix Season 2.0 Standings
1.DGV-33 points
2.MonGoloRoboKop- 22 points
3.BlueTallCans- 21 points
4.SweetJV- 17 points
5.Bruce Askew- 9 points
5.Muffin Man- 9 points
6.Hugo101- 7 points
6.Moocus- 7 points
7.Aqua Snake- 6 points
8.RoTb Plague- 3points
9.RoTb Coffee- 2 point
10.EAMegaMan- 1 point
10…RoTb Wicked- 1 point

Remember Top 3 this season will receive special prizes for their Dedication and Triumph on Season 2.0!!! :lovin::lovin:

Pictures of the RanBat 2.1!!!

1st Place: DGV

2nd Place: BlueTallCans

3rd Place: Sweet JV!!!

The Whole Group!!!

Oh yea and i think the weather looks slightly cloudy with a chance of RAIN…
Explore Cesar DEalba

Pictures of RanBat 2.2
Even Though DGV won the Ranbat i think we all know in reality who is the king of Simi Valley!!! Chilli cheese fries!!

I think I figured out why you beat me.

It was your music!

Cheater! That should be labled in the performance enhanced drugs category! :nono:

LOL! Ya, Cesar’s always cheating with his happy hardcore. It gets him in a frenzy. Still…we don’t ban performance enhancing drugs, so what can ya do? :smile:

GGs to everyone I played. It was a good turnout and I had a lot of fun. It was good seeing all the familiar faces as well as some new ones, like Mr. Karate reppin T.Hawk. Good stuff!


Got damn I look amazing in the background of that vid talking to Bagrat.

Congrats to the winners. Somebody needs to teach me how to play HDR.


just want to let everyone know that the videos with the commentary are still in preocces expectthem soon EAmegaman is a very busy man :slight_smile:

don’t ranbats have top 8?

just sayin’

where are the videos? :wonder:

yea but pete took the brackets and i didnt remember lol

Not only am I busy but the hard drive in my laptop took a shit this week. I got a new one and am working on getting all the videos off. I’ll post up the top 8 this week.

Thanks G I’ll represent so cal at norcal today in top 8!! Denjin represent!!!

Miss playin’ you guys… :confused:
Be back soon enough though!

Cesar you did great homie! Taking down Cole, fuck ya! Now we just have to find a way to beat that Ryu…

i need the X360 version first to even have a chance to keep up with the fireballs >.>

Oh and BUT STILL!!! Where are you!!! miss playing man

Dammit, I told a friend I would pick them up at the airport on Sat,
I new something was going on around that time too.
I gotta get someone to help me out so I can make it to Denjin.

Last ranbat was soooo fun!

MadGRab we missed you man :(… Moocus needed help with those chillie fries!!!

Did you get those chili fries from The Hat? If so, did you add pastrami to those chili fries? If not, you fucked up.

Those chili cheese fries looked legit! I bet they could feed an entire village in some 3rd world country.

GGs to everyone! It was a ton of fun as always. We should try to run things earlier / faster more often so we can make the food run afterwards a ritual.

after tourney food session was legit. those fries kicked my ass, i think i’d be dead if i topped it with pastrami.

i look like a heroin addict in that picture :bluu: