[1/23/2010] UC Davis SFIV 3vs3 Tournament, w/ IPW stream


UC Davis SFIV 3 on 3 Tournament

When: January 23rd, 2010
Where: UC Davis Memorial Union Games Area
Who: Hosted by the Davis, CA Street Fighter community featuring live streaming by Thxyoutoo of IPlayWinner.com. Dress well + deodorant :rofl:
**Time: Sign ups begin at 12:00PM and tournament play begins promptly at 2:00PM
Tournament Format:

-3vs3 SBO Format (winner stays, loser sits format)
-Single Game, Best of 3 Rounds, DOUBLE ELIMINATION

3vs3 SBO Format:

The premise of SBO 3vs3 format is winner stays on, and the loser is eliminated. Basically, you double blind pick the first match by telling the judge whose playing first. The character of the first player is already decided at sign-up so essentially, the first match is selected blindly. After that, your team is free to pick whoever goes up next if your teammate loses.

This is the exact opposite of EVO/NCR’s 5vs5 team tournament where matches are pre-selected (and where norcal got counter-picked to hell :X). Matches are done on the fly depending on wins.

This format has been chosen specifically to get America used to SBO/Nats format in preparation of next year.

Tournament Fee:
$30 per Team
$25 to pot
$3 to UC Davis Memorial Union Games Area for the facilities and equipment
$2 to IPlayWinner.com for providing the stream and for future streaming projects/equipment. IPlayWinner strives to use money graciously provided by the community to provide top quality streams and commentary at future tournaments. (Buttfuckers/NCR/StrongStyle/Majors/Etc.)

Many people don’t realize it, but live streams are often done with little or no paid compensation. In order to keep things running smoothly and to keep the hype up, please show IPlayWinner or other stream teams some generosity.

The pots a little bigger this time around so make the trip and hopefully, get paid.

1st: Everything except 2nd place entry fee
2nd: Entry Fee

No money for losers this time around. All or nothing.

-PS3 Tournament + Japanese Setup Arcade Cabinet (6 button curved layout + sanwa JLF ball top)
-Teams will consist of 3 players
-Bring your own stick, or a TE can be provided
-No programmable pads/sticks/rapid-fire
-One character per team (No 3 Ryu teams, etc.)
-Sign Ups will require a character selection

e.g.: Player A Ryu, Player B Sagat, Player C Akuma
Before play begins, you tell the judge if you’d like to play player A, B or C and the other team does the same.

This will be Davis’s 2nd team tournament. Last time, around 10-12 teams showed up and the tournament was very successful.

In order to speed things up, pre-reg would be appreciated as the post below this one is reserved for teams planning to show up. Hope to see you there.


If you have any questions, pls pm me or direct them to the UCD MUGA thread.

  1. Team Cafe (No Rats)
  1. Ryan “FilipinoChamp”
  2. Ricky “HelloKitty”
  3. Rom
  1. team name tba
  1. sicx
  2. shadow
  3. stewie
  1. Putting Pakside on their Bakside, Bakla Edition
  1. Andy Lee
  2. Dantron
  3. SenorPayaso
  1. Team Korea Where You From?
  1. 200yen
  2. Jack Masarap Waller
  3. Eric Choi
  1. Crackfiend
  2. LPN
  3. Lamerboi
  1. Team RVD
  1. Blk_brotha
  2. Ilikemacaroni707
  3. Tyram
  1. Team Name: Okinawa Juggernaut
  1. Yagami X
  2. Pink Shinobi
  3. Shinobi’s Bro
  1. Team Black from the waist down
  1. John “Choiboy”
  2. Hiro “Hydro”
  3. Terry “Kineda”
  1. Team Bayside Tigers

  2. Team A Kind of Azn InvAznsion

  1. Coopa
  2. AndrewO
  3. VasAznIon
  1. Team Gloves, Chucks and Hugs.
  1. jake (boxer)
  2. Co-D (sakura)
  3. Matt (gief)
  1. Team edward!!!
  1. daniel traniel
  2. boyous joyous
  3. scunsiosncsiocn
  1. Team "Spinning Poon Breaker"

  2. Team UCD alumni:

  1. Billy (myself)
  2. Cal
  3. Nam
  1. Team Indigenous Titties:
  1. Mike “JKChowling” Chow
  2. Mike “fobi0” Reyes
  3. Javier “Cynistar” Garcia
  1. Team RVD
  1. tyram RYU
  2. Blk_Brotha C.Viper
  3. ilikemacaroni707 BISON
  1. Team “AZN dragon thugz 4 lyfe tho”
  1. Kevin
  2. Khoa
  3. Roy
  1. Team We Like Boobies That Don’t Lactate
  1. LB
  2. Andry
  3. Slompo
  1. yo Bet on Black will be in there.
  1. Keno
  2. Mike Ross
  3. Combofiend
  1. Team GiefCakes
  1. Fresh
  2. CBK
  3. FutureChamp



This will be my birthday weekend. After the tournament ends I plan on going out to eat and getting smashed (no wii involved). It will most likely be somewhere in downtown davis. Please bring cash if you would like to come. If I know you and you know me you are invited to come out just pay for yourself. Hopefully everyone can make it out to dinner. Thanks.

edit: for my own shortcut - http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=218901


Please refer to it as buttfuckers. Thank you.




looks cool, I will be there for sure.

I have a question in regards to SBO. Do the Japanese allow for same characters on a team?


Pretty sure they do not.


There are events where you will see multiples of one character on one team. However, SBO only allows one of each character. This is a variant of the SBO format as SBO is 2v2 and this event is 3v3.


Update: Please feel free to give us your team roster and we can pre-reg you. Please only do this if you have the intent of actually showing up. We want people to know who is coming to the event so we can get an expected headcount and be able to advertise appropriately if any “names” are showing up for the stream.

Thank you to Filipino Champ for giving us his team roster. 2 v 3 lol!


Team Magus1234

Thxyoutoo: Of course man! My semester from hell will be done by then so i gotta get back on my sf grind.




Andry, I hope you come to commentate, dawg!


team name tba


Team Triple S Rank?


Team Ken?


Second. You two are top tier in commentating.


ohhhh man commentary. I will get nervous.


Should sticky this.


pre-regging team Pakside: Hundred Crazy Tigers - HONDA530/BALROG530/SAGOD916