1/24 TRSUMMHFBC: 3rd Strike Results


1st.) Daher Hajje (daher1234) - Ken SAIII
2nd.) Alex Jebailey (Its Fn Guinness) - Ken SAIII
3rd.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Q SAI/SAII & Akuma SAI
4th.) Jackie Tran - Chun-li SAII
5th.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage) - Alex SAII


  • There was a total of 22 signed up for this event.

  • Daher Hajje went through the tournament undefeated.

  • Alex Jebailey proved to be the better player, beating me both in the winners bracket and in the semi-finals. Good job Alex.

  • Star of the night was Levi Wesley (aka THE TRUTH) who showed everyone he’s not to be taken lightly despite being 10 years old and like 4’ even. :lol:

  • Rick Stalvey was the man of the night providing laughs at every turn while spewing random phrases while in a drunken stupor.

  • I’d like to apologize to Fez from Tampa for not having him on my bracket even though he signed up originally and to Danny Chew for making him wait so long to play. So sorry guys.

  • I’d also like to thank wondergirl for allowing us to throw a 3S tournament at her event and the everyone who participated was patient with me. ^^;

  • Results will be Apex’ed once I find the list with everyones name on it. ^^;


nice job nathan. i didnt know you used akuma. akuma rules.


Actually I don’t. :lol:

I just picked Akuma because Alex Jebailey has problems fighting him so I decided to give it a whirl in the semi-finals. I kept him on his toes, but in the end I lost due to me not knowing how to play Akuma properly.

Should have stuck with Q to the very end, I think I would have had a better chance if I did. :sweat:

Thanks for the props. :smiley:


Actually I did beat Daher one game in the first set we had in winner’s finals.

But his experience with the game proved him the best of Florida lol.


whatever man, as long as you didnt resort to chun or ken you are still a pimp. :lol:


Very Good Tourney!!!

** ALEX **I am kind of upset I didn’t get to play you for the $5 cause you dipped right after the tourney. But next time :evil:

** RYAN ** We finally played and I think everyone already knows I won. It was only for a $1 cause he got scared to play for $10.

** Daher ** Your pretty damn good. I would think more highly of you but I just hate Ken and Chun-Li players cause it take’s no skillz to use. Pick a different character. Next time we meet we will play for that $5.

** NATHEN ** Good Job running brackets. You suck cause you lost to Alex. But that’s not you fault. Q is just to Low Tier.

P.S. I am so damn pissed I lost to a random Chun-Li scrub. Cause the good stick I was going to use broke before the tourney even started. :mad:


Ya you know John, still tk’ing fools with Q left and right here in the Atlantic South. :smiley:


man I rape you and I dont play this game:lol:


Well, all in all, it was a fun tournament. Thanks to wondergirl, Alex and Nathan for running the event. It’s just too bad I couldn’t get any of that free pizza, I’m always down for free stuff. Thanks also to Ryan for driving Danny and I there. We had interesting “kill time” conversations.


“The Truth!” Man, that kid is good for his age. Give him a few years and he’ll be the next Daigo. Problem is that 3S might be ancient history by then:( .

Drunken madness was rampant. Shinma-sama was a hilarious drunk and a cool guy, even though I think he made a drunken pass at me:eek:.

Jebailey was pretty tall. Oh yeah, he’s also pretty good at 3S and CVS2 but he was more tall than anything. Lol, j/k dude. It was great to finally meet you and I hope to chill with you whenever you’re passing by. We gotta play more CVS2. Lebanese power!

Chilling and throwing down with Tr3nt after such a long time. You my boy, blue!

Troy, you’re pretty good, too. Better than I expected. Just keep up the good work with Elena, she’s great. Give me more credit, though. I play Ken because I like him, he’s the shit, and… um… it’s easy to win with him. I’ll make sure to play our money match with other characters.

Nathan, stop holding back against me, dude! I didn’t get to play you with you trying your hardest. Next time, just bring it. Matt, looking good, dude. Keep up whatever you’ve been doing.


Wow Daher I remember you! hehe my friend and I used to call you “the amingo guy” haha.
We used to play MvC2 at flippers back in the day.
Do you still play it? I just recently got back into it, let me know if you wanna play.
I was the guy with long hair and you prolly remember my tall skinny friend who used to play alot too. :smiley:


Yeah, I remember you guys! It’s been a while since I’ve been called the Amingo guy, lol. I don’t play MVC2 much nowadays (more like never), but I’m always up for a game. I’ll let you know when I’m passing by Flippers for Marvel.


I just wish I could’ve gone to the freaking tournament :frowning:

Go blue urin and his penis reflectors!! :lol:
That’s for you Daher!


silvergear - it’s ok…it wasn’t your fault people were dropping out of the brackets. guaranteed ninth place was kinda cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

chipp - be quiet, the socre was 3-2. don’t play like you didn’t have to borrow the dollar from your little brother! holding money for you fools was pretty cool though.

daher owned house.

the truth fucking owns.

zerog - missing your vagina punch yo.


The score was 3-2

I knew I was going to win thats why I borrowed the money from my brother.

And I wasn’t even trying. I used Oro and Dudley. I do use Dudley but I didn’t lose with him. He beat my Oro twice and I beat him twice with Oro and I don’t use him.

Thanks for holding the money. :lol:


I really don’t care Troy because we both know that Im not as good as I use to be. Every time I would’ve beat you and you backed out to save your money - at least Im man enough to play you.

Oh and Troy I wasn’t exactly going too seriously either. You’ve gotten better I’ll see you next time. Keep up the training.

Good games Leland, Rick, Levi, and Troy
Alex I wish the one time we played you would’ve used Ken - there isn’t much satisfaction in taking out your Hugo.
Thanks for holding the tournament Nathan - wish I got to play you a bit.

Next time we should make it in PSL.

Oh and Daher slaughtered you all.


Damn it… I should have concentrated more on Third Strike… I was too busy playing all the other games, so once I got to Third Strike, I couldn’t get in my groove… And some of you folks were like “Third Strike only”… Shouldn’t have underestimated you… But next time Urien will prevail…:smiley:


Nice job everyone :wink:
SilverGear, maybe we should wear the same shirt more often and place in tournaments :stuck_out_tongue:


Jebailey shook my hand like a man, that’s all that matters.


if you think that’s impressive you should see him suck a dick!!


Hey monkey man, how ya livin?