1/26/06 results BCC south campus FL:

First tournament tht was held in BCC south campus. it was an awesome tourny,
18 plp showed up. we had great matches. unknown plp were actually gettin good and was really surprising me. here are the results:

  1. XomhollamoX<ben>
  2. Alexqd3<alex>
  3. LOX
  4. paul
  5. IAN

good results for everyone… awesome matches…prize was $50.00. man some plp didnt get to show up like s1jj and ssj2jeff, but it was all good.

hopin next time we have a big tournanment and new faces will show up.

Yea… You’re posting something that only BCC students can only attend biotch!

I hate you BEN!


lmao a response.

yo young you planin on goin to zp next thursday, i’ll be there.