1/2man1/2god's Raging Demon Origins *fanfic*


notice remeber this is fanfiction and come right out of my mind, this isn’t a real Street Fighter Side Story.



There comes a time in every fighter’s life when they wonder if the power they display at this point is as strong as they’re ever going to get. 6 Warriors on earth can say they have unlocked the mysteries of greater power; but there is always problem the come along with more power. Sometimes power can take over your soul…somtimes you can become somethin you never imagined just for power.

Ages ago Atsuken masters were able to tap into a power called the Hadou. The Hadou led to an evil energy known as the Dark Hadou. The Dark Hadou was obviously the strongest power but in order to use it’s powers you would have to become a monster…a demon…One of these masters who will remained un-named, claimed the power of the Dark Hadou and birthed the destructive technique known as the Raging Demon. The master of the dark aura began to preach to his superiors about the wonders of the Dark Hadou. He believed that the use of these techiniques could allow them to tap into power greater than this world could comprehend. They refused; they knew that the use of dark energy could only lead to the death of many.

In a sparring bout with one of his peers the nameless master used the raging demon techinue as a test. To show his superiors what the dark hadou was capable of but his techinique went horribly wrong. He reduced his sparring partner into a pile of human flesh. The master was banished from his party and cast out of the village. He tried to master his own dojo but no one would come. With nothing left for himself the master walked off into the shadows to seek anyone willing to battle him. He would make his strength greater and crush those who were too cowerdice to look him in the face…those who were to cowerdice to come to his dojo and train hard to become what he was. And that’s wat he did!

The master later settled down and changed his identity. He shaved his head. he gained weight and he met a beautiful young woman whom he had children with. He named them Gouki and Gouken. He lived with his wife until her death in the far end of the woods where they could be alone and away from the world. Once Gouki and Gouken had went to town to the market for bread and the villagers chased them away. “There they are, the spawn of the raging demon!” When they returned home with no bread they told there father the story of how they were chased and they called him the raging demon. The nameless master then had a story of his own to tell.

…more coming soon.