1/3 San Bernardino, CA Pro Swap Meet Results


  1. Potter (Row, Scrub)
  2. Junior B (MSS-Y, Scrub, Santhrax)
  3. Trance Man (Mags/Sent/Cable, Santhrax)


  1. Albert Nguyen “PiGadOkeN” (P-Cammy/Sagat/Yama)
  2. drizzt01 (A-Yuri/Athena/Kim)(!)
  3. Cesar Vargas “GeeseHoward” (I forget)

I got a draw game on Fusion LOL.
Oh and this was Baby H’s first tournament. Ken I is mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

good job to all that placed, man i gotta get my sent buff to hang with these guys:bluu:

my son making me proud :frowning:

No no no Dasrik, you got it all wrong.:mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

Potter used Santhax for most of the tourny and I never used Santhax, I used MSS-A for most of the tourny.
Finals were 4-3, 4-3 but yaa Potters beastly storm is too much for my getto MSS. GG’s Potter.

p.s. PSM sticks are perfect imo(best I played on)

p.s. PSM sticks are perfect

tru dat

how far is the drive from LA area junior?

gg’s man, finals were toooo good, i got lucky this time, i mashed out the win by luck. sticks were really good, i could fast fly

Sup Devil X, haven’t seen you in awhile. The drive is really far from LA I moved to Corona and its still like a half hour away. You take the 91 east (when you hit camelot your like halfway) all the way down till it ends and turns in the 215 then you exit airport. It may be worth the drive, cause the next one is suppose to be big like over 32 entrants.:slight_smile:

congrats to potts, and junior. sounds like a crazy finals - Mighty

put up some videos one of these days

I can’t hang.