1/30/ 04 CvS2 Hawwian Brians Tourney Results


1/30/ 04 CvS2 Hawiian Brians Tourney Results

Good tourney Turnout was 20 people and here are the results of the tourney.

Farewell tourney too For ErnestW :(:frowning: gonna miss you.

1st- Dj-B13
Alot of diiferent A groove Teams

-all A-Groove-
Cammy bison blanka(2)
Sakura bison Blanka(2)
vega bison Blanka(2)

3rd- erikbuild
-K Groove-
cammy blanka sagat(2)
iori cammy sagat(2)
-C groove-
sakura cammy sagat(2)


<3 a sakura/bison/mai



good shit brain!!

A-random/random/random 4 life!! :smiley: :cool:


nice! nice! Curry power :smiley: