[1/30/10] 3S SIREN RECORDS RANBAT 1.1 -Doylestown PA-

Presented by SIREN RECORDS and CYBORG-1





It’s that time. Time to have us a Ranking Battle (Ranbat) Season in Doylestown! All of the East Coast/Tri-State area is invited so let’s make this a good start to the new year! The event will be held at SIREN RECORDS, one of the best record stores on the East Coast, located just outside of Philadelphia. This tournament is going to be sponsered by CYBORG-1 (Best Comic Shoppe).

Just one game to be played: Street Fighter III Third Strike. It will be held on a 100% authentic Japanese Head to Head Sega Versus City Arcade Cabinet! All the sticks and buttons (all SANWA) are in excellent condition and we even got some hella comfy stools to sit on. All you have to do is bring yourself, some cash, and your skills. Lugging around joysticks is for suckers.

Like in the previous tournaments Ive run it’ll have some additional prizes outside of the pot earnings for all the top players, player. The more people that sign up and show up, the more prizes. Lets do it huh?!

SIREN RECORDS: http://www.sirenrecords.com

CYBORG-1: http://www.cyborg1.com


Saturday January 30th 2010 AD

3pm open/registration starts, 4pm Third Strike Singles starts, Third Strike 3v3 Teams starts right after singles.


Siren Records
25 E. State Street
1st Floor
Doylestown PA, 18901

Directions can be found on: http://www.sirenrecords.com

PRO TIP Philly: Septa RR drops you off in Doylestown not too far from where Siren is, it’s about 3 blocks from the station. Just ride the R5 all the way into town.

PRO TIP NYC: There’s a bus route from New York City to Doylestown about a little over a 3 hour ride but it’s super cheap and easy.


The bus should drop you off like 3-4 blocks from Siren but its a really short walk. You can give me and/or Siren Records a call if you need help getting to Siren from the bus stop but it’s really simple, just walk up the street past the train station, then look for Oakland Avenue, go down that until you reach Main street, go up main street towards the Starbucks to State street, then head down State Street towards the County Theater. Siren is right across the street from the County Theater.

Bus should be pretty cheap if you get the weekend early bird special.


Street Fighter III Third Strike Double Elimination Singles
Street Fighter III Third Strike Single Elimination 3v3 Teams

This will all be held on the Head to Head Sega Versus City Cabinet so no controllers of any sort will be required to bring.

Brackets will be run by myself (Diaper Bomb) and Fire Chocobo on Tonamento

PROOF: PIC 1 / PIC 2 / PIC 3


$10 venue fee
$5 entry fee for Singles
$2 entry fee per member for 3v3 Teams

Payout will be 70/20/10% for Singles, Teams will be Winner Takes All.


Game will be set on Event Mode and Free Play, so no need to feed the machine between rounds.

Singles will be Double Elimination 2 out of 3, Winners and Losers Finals are 3/5, Grand Final is 3/5 set format.

3v3 Teams will be Single Elimination the whole way through.

If you are over 10 minutes late to your match you’re most likely going to be DQed, so please be timely so we can run a quick and smooth event for everyone.

Points Awarded:

1st: 8 points
2nd: 7 points
3rd: 6 points
4th: 5 points
5th: 3 points
7th: 1 point


If you plan on pre-registering and you are coming to this for sure please list your name(s), what tournament(s) you’ll be entering, and where you’re from so I can work out the seeding properly. I need at least 8 players for the Singles tournament to run it.


  1. Brian “Diaper Bomb” , Doylestown PA
  2. Flare, Smart Mark Town
  3. Rapen Von Rapesalot “Therapist”, Transylvania
  4. Mwelsh, PA
  5. Papre Tigre , PA
  6. Kyle, “Comeback” Philly PA
  7. Frantastic, NJ
  8. Fire Chocobo, Warrington PA
  9. Sean, “1der”, Langhorn PA
  10. Jim, Langhorn PA
  11. Tweleve, Jazzy NYC
  12. Pete “Hahayouwin” Frowntown
  13. Scott “DeepThoughts”, State College PA
  14. Wes “Crazymasterhand” Kutztown PA
  15. Mutant XP, Jazzy NYC
  16. Frenzii, Jazzy NYC
  17. Nica K.O. , Jazzy NYC
  18. Vizard, Jazzy NYC
  19. Exodus
  20. Vizard, Jazzy NYC
  21. Ahmed, Jazzy NYC
  22. Scrappy Doo, NBA Jambat


  1. Team Sick My Duck (aka team fucking borken) Therapist, Flare, Diaper Wong

Sign me up. Ryu needs a new pair of shoes!

Sign me up, time to end my month and a half break from 3s and apply what I’ve taken away from BlazBlue and Tekken 6.

video capture will be much easier and video will be up much quicker and tagged properly (means I’ll just write down and keep tally. We live we learn)

i’m in :rock:

this nigga ass

if someone wants to team up with a shitty chun ill play in teams other then that i guess ill do singles again i cant say no to a jap cab

If Quotes is going I’m down for teams and singles!

Got you all down, think of this as a warmup for Higher Stakes tournament (at GVN).

Also, Scrappy Doo, you want to MM or team up? We can be team Green Monster. 1der can be the third man!

i aint teaming with you trashy ass bag this on freeplay incase yall missed it

I will do my best to have some my guys to go this one.

Hey Diaper Bomb, you might want to put directions from the Garbage State Parkway in your post, as well.

Rare sighting of Rapen Von Rapesalot intrigues me, I will try to make this with whoever I can from NY

As with all Siren tournaments, we’ll have new parts put in.

But of course.

Sorry guyz I’ve been sick the past few days but now i’m ready to spam the threads to promote this tounrmanet. Hope you all can make it. Remember! If you love 3s ya gotta HUSTLE.

Also, as with all Siren tournaments, roundhouses are on the house, courtesy of Black Belt Jones! OOOOOOOOOOOOOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Sign up Team Sick My Duck

Therapist, Flare, Diaper Bomb

is team quotes frantastic coming threw can i team up wit u guys again i promise ill hit confirm :slight_smile:

I’ll try to switch my days off for this weekend, no guarantees. I’d love to make it out though!

Fail for no ST.

I’ll make an appearance.

Fuckin’ thing sucksssssss!

why cant we have ST :frowning: