[1/30/10] 3S Siren Records Ranbat 1.1 RESULTS

Heys guys. Here are the results. Big thanks to everyone who made it out and traveled to this. You guys are the shit. The date for the next Ranbat ( 1.2 ) will be announced within the next week or so. I’m beat so I’m just gonna do the general shoutout. This tournament definitely had it’s moments though. BUFFALO STANCE! See you guys at the next tournament!

STREET FIGHTER III THIRD STRIKE Double Elimination Singles Results

  1. Therapist (Akuma)
  2. Green Tea (Ken)
  3. Greek (Q)
  4. Mutant XP (Necro)
  5. Flare (Ryu)
  6. Vizard (Yun)
  7. Frantastic (Yun)
  8. Mr. Quotes (Makoto)
  9. Diaper Bomb (Alex)
  10. Comeback (Chun-Li)
  11. Fire Chocobo (Urien)
  12. Deep Thoughts (Ken)
  13. Paper Tigre (Makoto)
  14. 1der (Dudley)
  15. Jim (Chun-Li)
  16. Iapetus (Ken)

STREET FIGHTER III THIRD STRIKE Single Elimination Teams Results

  1. Team Fuck This Shit Up (Therapist, Frantastic, Mr. Quotes)
  2. Team CTF Rulez (Green Tea, Vizard, Greek)
  3. Team Buffalo Stance (Mutant XP, Flare, Diaper Bomb)
  4. Team Anthony Calvin (Deep Thoughts, Iapetus, Paper Tigre)

Current Standings

  1. Therapist - 8 points
  2. Green Tea - 7 points
  3. Greek - 6 points
  4. Mutant XP - 5 points
  5. Flare - 3 points
  6. Vizard - 3 points
  7. Frantastic - 1 point
  8. Mr Quotes - 1 point

Also special thanks to Damdai for Tonamento, made running this tournament a breeze. This shit is the FUTURE.


Good games everyone. BUFFALO STANCE!

Thanks again for hosting another great tournament. Shout outs to NY making it down and Raping! Love me some 3rd strike.:lovin:

But I need to step up my movie trivia.

GG’s to all.



You weren’t even on our team. Poser.


Good shit to Green Tea and Greek for showing what NY is made of…and good shit to them and vizard for getting 2nd in teams

Bad shit to kevin for getting extra help sessions from me :razz: JK JK oh and bad shit to me for not making it :sad:

This certainly doesn’t mean that it wasn’t my favorite team.

sorry guys that Va/Md couldn’t make it…

My car is in the shop, so jay and myself could not go.Kkimmicks had stuff to do. and Exo and MD Phil are Mr.Cheapo’s get a plumber!

Hopefully we can make it to the next one. Good stuff flare,diaper,mr.therapist the 3rd,Fran, Quotes:tup:

Nica u suck for not going :wink:

THATS WORD!!! lol your car sucks too haha