1/31 PowerPlayGaming SFIV Event - Denville, NJ Results - VIDEO LINK INSIDE!


Bracket can be found here courtesy of Tonamento.com http://www.tonamento.com/ViewTournament.aspx?id=97

42 Entrants (Tonamento will show 43 b/c Kreymore is on bracket but should be a Bye instead)

1 Sanford (EMP) (Sent to losers round 1 because of lateness)
2 Aqua Silk
3 Rico Suave (DMG)
4 Ryder
5 Eric “Smooth Viper” Arroyo (EMP)
5 Danny “Gran_Calc” Duong
7 Skye
7 Mike Infinite
9 Carlos C
9 Jet Set Dizzy
9 Swallowing Jonah (Chemist for Hire)
13 Damien “damdai” Dailidenas
13 xXxEtown
13 Dynicksty
13 ShinnMMS
17 PTO
17 Kattermari
17 Noel Brown (EMP)
17 Mr. Quotes
17 JetsetZombie
17 Shiny Shoes
17 Emc Flippy
17 NBG Demoneyes
25 Chris “Kreymore” Landon (Forfeit…$10 not added to pot)
25 Darkknight
25 Delirium
25 Absolute Meyhem
25 Slim Jim69
25 Dayasha (EMP)
25 Dark Fate
25 NBG Wetbucket
33 Andre “Twisted Jago” Lambert (EMP) (Sent to losers round 1 because of lateness)
33 AK
33 Nvermore
33 TuxedoCatfish
33 MonoTeketet
33 Johnanitto
33 Dr. Patman
33 Madness
33 Jose “Jota” R
33 Onslaught987

Okay, I am going to go into a bunch of stuff right now. First a few thank yous.

  • BIG THANKS go out to Damdai who brought us the great Tonamento.com. Thanks for showing me the ins and outs of your program and also helping out with that one little problem we ran into. Next time you can just play and not worry about it :slight_smile:

  • Thanks to Seb & Danny from FrameAdvantage.com for making it out to NJ…finally :slight_smile: Your streams are always top notch and I’m sure everyone watching at home thinks so also.

  • Thanks to OHMZ and Raw Gameplay for coming out to the event and getting some footage. OHMZ is a cool dude, I’m glad I finally got to meet him on Friday and now Sunday.

  • Thanks to all the people who came out that I never met before…Chung (next time man, that sucks), Aquasilk (keep it up)

  • Thanks to everyone who watched the live stream at home.


Overall we had a really good turnout today. I felt the tournament ran smoothly other than a small hiccup. We had 6 setups going until one of the SF4 discs got scratched and made it 5 but still things kept moving along. I normally use Tournament Maker to run my brackets but today I gave Tonamento my first try and it was good once I knew how to use it properly (Damdai I’m sorry for not clicking add player 5 times in a row)

Looking back I should have made a hand bracket in addition to Tonamento in case I needed it for some reason. Next time I know now.

I have another event planned for Power Play Gaming so if anyone has suggestions for the next event let me know. I have it worked out so we will have the entire store to ourselves and there should also be more room as well.

Shout outs to everyone at the event that made this possible. It is 3:11 am right now and I’m sure I forgot things that I wanted to say but I will edit the post tomorrow when I am not so tired.



Great Tournament Deluxe. I only need one word to describe it and that’s “Official”


GGS everyone coming out of losers and beating about 11 to 12 people was no easy task you guys are good players and im just happy to have edged it out.


You should not have to create a hand bracket just to accomodate the players who show up 2.5 hours late and insist on being added.

Sanford the politician!


my first ever SFIV tourney and it was a good time :smokin:…cool to be in the presence of well renowned players…ggs to diknasty i think his name was and geo i think…mad boxer’s at this one :razzy:…supporting my good friend carlos C…overall awesome event…good stuff delux


Your program is def right, you shouldn’t have to alter the bracket once it’s created. It’s just me trying to please everyone but I guess that can never happen anyway.


Agreed. Players that come hella late need to be told they can’t compete unless they show up on time. It’s not fair to everyone else that makes the effort.


Also Frame-Advantage will be uploading the videos to their YouTube. They have already started so check them out here http://www.youtube.com/user/FrameAdvantageDotCom



Nothing against Sanford, but 6:30 on a scheduled 4:00 start time is going too far. Also COUGH I would have wrecked everyone else and got paid COUGH. Maybe I am worse than I think. But, no…

Wouldn’t have been this frustrating, but this tournament was close to 2 hours away from my home and on a Sunday night with work in the morning. Also the fully 3 hour wait between my spectacular first round loss to my r1 losers match was awful.

Anyway nice enough venue, nice people, ggs to people etc


Raw Gameplay did some coverage, again thanks to them for putting together a nice video http://www.youtube.com/user/ConsoleWarzone#p/a/f/0/dJtqEOzvnzY


Yeah the reason for that delay was because of the small bracket problem that had to be fixed and I couldn’t call any matches until it was done.

Also since we used Tonamento, you were seeded and when you lost your first round match you were moved farther into the losers bracket then you would if it was just random so you had to wait through a couple rounds of losers before you got to play again.


Yo, good shit as always, Deluxe. A little bracket hiccup (props to Damdai for saving the day), but you kept things running smoothly. Console Warzone is blowing up … I’m looking forward to the next one.


DMG placing within top 5. No complaints here. Congrats to Rico and Ryder. Keep doing what you are doing and get ready for the next one this Saturday.


I was very impressed with the way the tournament was ran, nice job Deluxe. It was nice meeting some new faces and up and coming players


shout outs to deluxe for throwing another great tourney. a great organizer ill always come and support when I can. gg’s to everyone ryder is my nj rival now.


It should just be common knowledge that if they don’t call to at least get put in the brackets they shouldn’t be allowed to enter. Other than that it was a solid tournament. Just gotta be a bit stricter Deluxe :stuck_out_tongue:


My ride got lost im sorry for coming so late but i did tell them to not let me in the tourney if they were mad about it.


Just to clear up what happened so everyone knows.

Triforce did tell me that Sanford, Andre & Kreymore were on the way and to put them on the bracket and if I had to that he was fine with them being sent to losers bracket. So all three were in the bracket from the start. The only thing that I personally messed up on was that Noel Brown said he was coming and to put him in the bracket and I forgot to add him in.

So the delay we had was having to add him into the bracket late.

Damdai is right about his program where it is not supposed to allow late people because it should not happen.

I just have to make a new rule and not allow anyone who is not present to compete, even if you call and say you are coming. That’s the way it should be with no exceptions. I guess I have just seen this done so many times that it became protocol.

My bad to anyone who was affected by this.


No…shout outs to YOU Mike Infinite…always helping out when you can.


Sorry guys. We wont be late next time.