1/31 THE ECONOMY BLOWZ ($1 TOURNAMENTS) Results @ Denjin Arcade

Im really amazed by the turn out last night! These $1 tournaments are a lot of fun! Thank you all for coming down !

Top 3 results:

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (14 players total)

  1. Amir
  2. Chago
    (tie)3. Muffin Man
    (tie)3. Fervor

Super Street Fighter II Turbo (25 players total)

  1. Ceasar
  2. Sweet Johnny V.
    (tie)3. The Muffin Man
    (tie)3. Shogo

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike 3on3 Team Tournament (10 teams total)

  1. Team Paypals (5 Star / Amir / Thomas)
  2. Team Juan (Juan / Echos / Joe Dubbs)
    (tie)3. Team Gigas Reflector (Namakie / LWK / Wicked Element)
    (tie)3. Team Tecate Alcoholics (Let Blood Run / Ironfist / Ray Ramos)

Street Fighter 4 (32 players total)

  1. Ironfist
  2. Dae
    (tie)3. CSB
    (tie)3. Mister Bean

Thank you to all the bracket runners! (Busta, Muffin, Ceasar, Pherai, 5 Star) and again thank you all for coming down ! :wink:

great turn out. these tournaments are so much fun i really hope we have more of these! i didnt expect to have a full 32 man bracket for sf4 so that was awesome. these tournaments arent long either, it goes by fast and its all fun and games. congrats to all the winners/placers and thanks to everyone who came out and to bagrat and shogo for having these tournaments at denjin.

GGs to all that came and to all I played…

except for Ironfist…FUCK YOU!


ggs to everyone. great turnout! it was great to see that there are people who are playing the game not to chase money but who are playing for the LOVE of the game.

PS: i will never lose my fighting spirit! breaks chopsticks

Great times. GG’s all.

PS. Fuck YOU, Dae.

GGs everyone. :smile:
I <3 Denjin. :bgrin:

Couldn’t agree more.


Breaks chopsticks!! …

Part 2:

Sanchez: I shall mash harder next time :slight_smile: and I’ll take my shirt off :smiley:

Bean: Its okay, just got to believe!

Pherai: Its okay oh holy son, the holy voice shall guide us through salvation!

Glenn: Thanks for coming down again only for a short tournament and thanks for recording :smiley:

GGs to everyone! Special GG to Chago for handling people left and right in CvS2 :nunchuck:

Also, thanks to JC allowing me to help with the CvS2 tournament.:wink:

GG to all.
I hope capcom fucking nerfs sagat to bottom tier in a future upgrade.:lovin:

(Apparently I’m Namakie now. Har har.)

GG’s everyone. I had lots of fun.

Incomplete connecting Seichusen Godanzuki ftw! :rofl:

yeah, yesterday was so fun , thanks to all for the gg’s. :tup:

These tournaments are awesome. I think the tournament coordinaters should announce the finals matches though, so people can gather and hype.

gs in sf4 nam dong sang

Big props to IronGRIST for coming up the world.:tup:

GG’s Everyone last night at Denjin Thank You Shogo for your awesome arcade again!!!

It Was Fun running Super T thanks for eveyone who join my special 2 character tourney it was fun!!!
with the turnout from last night maybe we will have a 2on2 team tourney next time :open_mouth:

Sweet JV & EAmegaman thanks again for coming down and playing some Super T
Shogo has mad skills at Super T!!! sorry again for the crossups :frowning:
And muffinman thanks for the games again and the money matches :stuck_out_tongue:

breaks chopsticks

Was nice to see everyone. All of you with a long drive deserves major props for coming out to a $1 tourney. That’s what SF is all about.

Yup, the tournament was hella fun. It’s cool, too, because it puts you in the spot to really think about your game play since it’s one game, single elimination. That’s the way players should be thinking all the time if they want to be great, so this is really good practice for that. But overall, it was fun. Cool just chillin’ and kicking it.

Hey, Dae, I’m sticking to P-Groove, but if something happens to me this week that makes me want to change, expect my A-Groove to return. :lol:

this is what happens when you take mexicans to a korean bar