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bump for question 2 posts above, i got the opportunity to score some wins tomorrow, if that’s what I need. More Wins Online = More Icons?


Those block Icons from doing Hard Trial.


and everything else?


Where can I find information on “zoning”?

I play El Fuerte, and I’m trying to learn Juri. I’ve noticed that I usually go into a game without any thought as to what my game plan is going to be.

It’s just a grab-bag of whatever I think will hit at the moment. I was told by a veteran SF player friend of mine about “zoning,” and how it is important.

I was hoping to find something on “zoning” in one of the links. Is there one in the original posts? I couldn’t find one. Perhaps “Footsies” and “Controlling Space” are the articles I should be reading?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I’m reading the Maj’s articles on sonichurricane.com, and I think they are what I’ve been looking for (“SF Footsie Handbooks”).
But just so I’m absolutely clear, can anyone confirm that these are what I want to read, if I wanted to learn about “zoning”?


How long would you say it takes to develop reasonable execution. I just started playing with a stick, and just started trying to do links/combos. Certain things which are said to be super easy (like Cody c.lp, c.lp, cr.mp, Criminal Uppercut) are pretty sporatic for me. Even the cr.lp, cr.mp is only like 50/50. And FADCing into any kind of ultra is super difficult. How many hours might I expect to spend until I can get reasonable at this sort of thing?


You’ll pick up lots of the concepts of zoning in there. Another good article is here http://shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=34761 in the domination 101 forum (good stuff in there).

Zoning is just using your characters moveset to keep an enemy at your most effect range, or out of their most effective range. That might be the range at which you can srk them jumping over a fireball, or where you can use very dangerous moves safely, or them and their grabs as far away as possible.

It usually takes a week or two of maybe an hour a night of playing when you are new to a stick just for your hands to be able to do the movements instinctively. To learn how to do basic combos, that depends on your rhythm, if you can make it through a guitar hero track that shouldn’t take long. In another week you ought to be able to nail the basics of a characters combos (a blockstring, a hit-confirmed damage combo, a punish combo, and a combo into ultra if need be).

After that it’s just down to how calmly you can spot the openings and how well you can transition into combos and within combos.


Finally got around to reading this. Massive thanks for compiling the info.


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thank you, This was extremely helpful. Especially the shortcuts, coming to this site has made me see I was really a drone player going through the paces. Yes I won matches, but I was not taking the time to “learn the game”


Really helpful stuff, thanks for posting!


Absolute awesome thread.


This was very, very useful.


Thanks for this i haven’t played SSFIV in a while so i’ll need to get ready for SSFIV:AE


I have Track Suit Sakura. I have Flower Dress Sakura. How do I get my Sakura in Gi?


you have to find the complete alternate costume pack for street fighter IV (not super) most likely


I’ve been playing SF since SF2 dropped. I am not a tournament level player, and have been on a 5 year hiatus from SF and gaming altogether. I’m basically starting anew, though I have some execution skills and have some years under my belt playing in Arcades and a few Tournaments.
While I am familiar with many aspects of the game, it is another thing to actually implement them into one’s game.
This thread is a VERY exquisite idea and I already have learned a great deal.
Thank You sincerely for putting this together, I will be absorbing the information here and in the links.
I am often impressed with the newer players’ desires to learn and be helpful and I fully support them in their endeavors.

My only constructive criticism is that some of the links need updating as a few are no longer in existence.


Any tips on performing special moves from light attacks? I’m trying to do cr.lk,cr.lk,st.lp,ex. galactic tornado. I can do the cr.lk,cr.lk,st.lp just fine but I cant seem to connect the ex. galactic tornado.


Yes question.Should I stop using my dualshock 3 and traded it in for a better control layout to play sf4? Doing heavy attacks is such a pain.


Question: Can someone please explain Plinking and how it helps with 1f combos? Specifically how can i use this to connect sakura’s BnB more consistently.

I read the definition on shoryuken but i simply i do not understand how this helps linking moves.