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To be fair, the reason you’re never going to be a top player is because you don’t try to do things on your own and find your own style of play. Just emulating what you see is not enough. Look at a guy like Justin Wong. He discovers new things for situations all the time and applies them when he can. He doesn’t have set combo’s to use.


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This is ultra nubery, but you don’t need to imput all the directions listed in the combos, like the ones found in the challanges. For instance:

If you have a combo that is
You don’t have to do the hadoken motion 3 times to get the combo.
Will work.

Another example
Can be done with

Finally something like
Can be done with
If the character doesn’t have a 6+HK move.


GOOD STUFF very helpful… can’t wait to get home and watch those guile videos…


Thanks for the input Clx and VF4. You are right in saying that watching videos was not thorough enough of an answer as it doesn’t explain what it is that one should be looking out for~ I thus wrote a little something based off your two posts to complement the original answer.

Oh! You’re totally right, that question came up so often too; I don’t know how I forgot to cover it. Anyways, I posted up two links explaining what Kara throws are and also listed all the characters that could pull it off and how~

Hmm, interesting! Do you know if Gule’s c.HK is an exception to the rule or if ALL non cancellable moves can actually be FADC’d?

I’ve tried FADCing Bison’s s.HK and cr.HK and could not pull it off.

I’ll mention this case as an exception for now until someone can give a more thorough explanation~

Thanks a lot for the input! I added these to the FAQ.

Also added the names of everyone who helped create this~ Thanks again everyone!

Yeah, I should talk about motion shortcuts as it seems to be a vital aspect of SF4. I’ll get to that later though, I have to head out. Thanks!


Careful guys, I think you’re talking about two separate things. I think the original wording of that line in the FAQ needs re-writing to make it clearer, but it is correct.

BentoBox’s FAQ was saying that if you do a ‘special move cancellable’ normal move, then you can cancel it with a FA - but if you do a ‘NON special move cancellable’ normal then you can’t cancel it with a FA.

epy0nkaru is saying that you can FA a ‘NON special move cancellable’ normal that your opp has thrown out.

…at least that’s the way I read it… :sweat:


Good job on consolidating this information,it’s all been posted before but it’s nice to have it in one spot,and nice to see a newer poster actually posting something informitive.


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how do you cancel out of an ex move and dash back or forward? haha im serious tho.


Let’s say its an Ex Shoryuken

First the Shoryuken:

:r::d::df: + :2p:

As soon as it hits, you then press:

:mp:+:mk:, then :l::l: or :r::r:


Can anyone get a list for how much damage each characters ultra does?


Test it in practice mode?


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This thread is great. I’m glad that OP made this. I still don’t even know everything listed on here. I’m STILL lost when it comes to those terms for fighters. lol. This REALLY helps the scrub in all of us. :tup:


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