1/9/04 Yellow Rice @ The Break! (MVC2)


Chinese people next door make the best Spanish yellow rice :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone for showing up - 16 people yay!!

Next week is going to be 3s then week after that is MVC2 again (figure I’ll give it a break) Check tournament and events for the announcement

Thanks again for all the NY people coming out (Hevad, Diego, Justin, Infinite, Jose, and Dave and Rob from SI)

  1. Justin Wong - Ironman/Sent/Cyclops
  2. Jose - Rowtron
  3. Infinite - Rowtron
  4. Ed - Rowtron
  5. Orville - Rowtron
  6. JB - Scrub
  7. Diego - Storm/Cable/Cyclops
  8. Steve - Ironman/WM/Sent
  9. Blacksyde Phil - Sent/Cable/BH
  10. Hevad Khan - MST
  11. Trent - Sent/Storm/Commando, Sent/Mag/IM
  12. Robert Sigley - Gambit/Bonerine/Guile, MSP
  13. Dave (SI) - Iceman/Strider/Guile
  14. Rob (SI) - BB Hood/Guile/Akuma
  15. Brian - Team Shoto


sorry i needed money for change i also ouwed money to justin and my bank account did not recieve my my money at the time ;( \good shit doe lotta fun yellow rice too good ; )


iam gonna eat some yellow rice while play marvel:D too good!


Good shit rob…and thanks for 3s next week…maybe if there arent enough people Force them to join both like Phi used to do with Mvc2 and Cvs2:D


justin fucking wong…too much

i want more rematches :frowning:


Sorry I left so early, I had to head back home and get some work done.




It was a strong showing for be this being my last tourny until I return for spring break or in May. Great seeing all of you guys again.



Justin is shiny.


good stuff jose ! dominicans !!

top 5 running rowtron… someone counter that shit

i suck :frowning:


I didn’t play Rowtron. I played MST(Mag/Storm/Tron), and MST(Mag/Sent/Tron). I also left without telling anyone I was leaving while I was still in winners…:stuck_out_tongue: