1 bar connection Matches

Hi there! I am a new SFV player from Argentina. And I’ve been encountering some troubles playing the game online. The thing is that whenever I queue up for online matches (wich I usually set to 4-5 bars only and set it to confirm the request) I get A LOT of 1 bar matches (despite the filter), in fact most of them are. I do get some good matches though, 5 bars and all and it’s enjoyable but it’s really frustrating that most of them are 1 bar and I have to wait a lot for good ones!!! even though these people are close to me. Like my friend who is literally 10 blocks away from me, same ISP and we get 1 bar while I get 5 bars with a lot of people from other countries (Brazil and Chile).

I searched and i saw that a lot of people suggest to open some ports on the router. I 've tried my best to do it, but now I know that my ISP blocks ports for their users unless you contract a service with a Public IP (they use a private one for standard users apparently). Could this be the problem?? The ports??

I don’t know much about networks that’s why I ask for help, but I can play other online games flawlessly with my connection, like League of Legends for instance, and have no trouble with anything else whatsoever.

I hope you can help me, I fell in love with this game but this is really frustrating :cry:

P.S sorry if my english is bad at some point.

Have you tried accepting these 1 bar matches to check how the connection actually is?
In my experience what the game shows as 1 bar matches are, most of the times, actually pretty stable connection that whatever system the game uses fails to value correctly.

If the matches are actually terrible then that’s another issue (that might be related to geographic position unfortunately).

Well Ii’ve accepted some of those matches. and some are playable while others are totally not, so it’s kind of a coinflip wether should I accept it or not. I will continue testing that… Thanks for the info.