1 button wont work anymore (madcatz SE)

I got a madcats se arcade stick. Since yesterday my jab button wont come out anymore. If I push it alot it works again for like 3 minutes.

Does anybody know how to fix this?


The microswitch in your jab button is going bad, the button will eventually need replacing.

In the meantime, you can simply swap the microswitch from your jab button with the microswitch from one of the two buttons you don’t use.

thanks I replaced my L2 button with the jab button. Only i broke my L1 buttton >< I broke the button and the yellow cable attached to it. I know I can buy a new button but can i buy a new yellow cable?

The same thing has happened to me, my jab and mp buttons have stopped working reliably. I have parts on order from Lizard Lick, but should I try and send this SE back for a new one? I’ve only been using the stick for a month, but already I can feel the joystick sticking, as well as the two buttons just not getting the input.

I know the joystick will be fine when I put in the new one, but could there be damage to the connects or anything from the buttons that will not be fixed with the new ones I have coming?

Also, how long does Madcatz take to get a new stick back to you if anyone has experience with that?

@ Yusuka: Just mod the parts. The SE madcatz sticks were cheaply made IMO. Most everybody I know that has one or had one has modded the buttons because they went out. Plus it’s a good learning experience.

If you’re wondering about button damage, I don’t think there is. Just take the quick disconnects off, be sure to write down what color wire goes to which strength attack, btw pop in the new buttons, and re-connect. It’s that simple. Modding the buttons takes about 10-15 min, at least it did for me.

Cool, thanks. Now all I have to do is wait patiently for my stuff to show up ._.

You don’t even need to write down the colors for each button, the terminal strip has them labelled for ease of use!

Never paid attention to that, lol. facepalm

had this happen on my friend’s Wii fightstick. just swapped one of the rightmost buttons with the bad one and it worked perfectly. its so easy, although the wii stick requires desoldering because hori likes to cheap out and solder the pcb directly to the button tabs.

my quick disconnect for 1 button broke… can i buy new ones?

How did you break the disconnect? Just cut the disconnect off, strip the wire and crimp on a new one. You’ll want .110" disconnects to replace the broken one.

The iron part of the disconnect broke. I can cut it of but I dont really get the “strip the wire and and crimp on a new one” part… I just ordered a button and .110 disconnects so thanks!. Is there some kind of tutorial here where I can see how to strip and wire etc?

Thanks a bunch!