1-Day ZBattle Tournament: Super Street Fighter with Super Mario Kart Battle Side Tour

19th September 2004 SUNDAY @ 8PM Central Time

Sign up here with your ZBattle handle.


-2 out of 3 Double Elimination
-Have your buttons configured prior to your matches (No button excuses)
My preference is HyperFighting but I know most of you play Super StreetFighter on ZBattle.

To help facilitate match making in the most efficient manner all players are to meet at 7:50PM Central Time at JustDefend’s IRC Chatroom which can be accessed by mIRC/irc client or a web based interface provided at JustDefend.com:

IRC Software info:
IRC Server: irc.irchat.tv
Port: 6667
Channel: #JustDefend

or by web interface at JustDefend.com <Chatroom Link>

**Games: Super Street Fighter and Super Mario Kart Battle Mode (if time permits)
When: 19th September 2004 8PM Central
Where: JustDefend.com Chat
Signup: HERE in this thread. **

No solicitation of roms permitted.

AIM: DaliPicard1
Yahoo: PicardLX

I’m down, I’ll notifiy if I have to miss though. Hopefully I won’t.

Tag: Xedd

Im in Scoot Magee

I’m down to play if more peeps join. Yo Scoot! I finally beat DGV! I’ve adjusted to his play style and now it gets way tougher to beat me. That dude is a beast.


hey ill play but what is it mario kart also or only ssf2 if its ssf2 hf ok but im not as good in that

I’m in (Battosai,brad)

I’ll try the Street Fighter. My name is immortalbmw.

eh i’ll play if im around at that time. SaBr3(U*D)

I just left the emergency room where unexpectedly I was rush there because my aunt is “near death” and is unresponsive to treatment or her surroundings. I will try to be in the chat tonight to help facilitate match making and brackets… but if I am not there by 8PM Central Time and enough ppl are there I would appreciate it if Scoot Magee or someone makes the brackets BUT I will try to be there myself.

I apologize for the uncertainty.

–Ray (DaliPicard)

Sorry to hear that brother, how is she now?

Thanks Mullah, but she died yesterday afternoon.

:bluu: oh man, you alright?