#1 for a few days now


…hanging it up from here for Sagat.
B class points system sucks so bad.
Any shotoscrub can come along and rape you for 128 points especially those that keep their points low to do just that.

I came, I pwned, I retired.





Wait… what? o.O

Are you serious? Online ranking doesn’t mean anything dude.


I am also no 1 BP for blanka and no 50 in PP

That means that either:

  1. I am TSRAI
  2. I farmed bp’s faster than other people since bp don’t really go down much untill 5000

I wonder which one is it …


My money is on you for EVO.


"The world’s #1 Sagat"

On PC.

At least until some other random comes along and grinds a few matches.

Please be trolling, please be trolling, please be trolling…






Can I get your autograph sir best Sagat in the world sir?


The population on AE PC is pretty low. I played some Yun and Bison, I’m like top 100!

Surely there are more Yun players than that.


You mean at least until everyone’s joystick works.