#1 for a few days now...

For those who want to invalidate my accomplishments…


Go stick ur tongue up Daigo’s ass; right where it belongs.

Last one was closed because nobody gave a fuck. Guess where this one is going?


Seriously, ban this guy.

haha, you called it an “accomplishment”.

lol is this on PC?

Achievement Unlocked +0 GP : “Open useless topic on srk”

Yep. It’s cool that he’s nice enough to “invalidate” his own “accomplishment”…

EDIT: Oh, and AE on PC =/= The World. The real #1 would be RF.

It is nice to have a sense of accomplishment.

Now imagine how nice it must feel to accomplish something worthwhile in the real world.

Nobody wants to invalidate your accomplishments. You’ve managed to post the same pointless thread not once, but TWICE. That’s a massive accomplishment itself. Soon you can accomplish being the highest ranked player banned from SRK.

i fucking lol :rofl:

Is this guy serious? I mean not just the thread, but the avatar, the custom title and everything? Please ban this guy.

What accomplishments? Game is 6 days old on PC. Come back in 6 months and be #1, and maybe someone will care.

Let me make myself clearer this time. No one cares. Don’t re-make this shitty ego wank thread again.