1 frame links for Akuma



Hey guys, noob question here. I recently started using akuma and have been getting better at the timing of his combos. I was wondering, though if there is a list of his links that are 1 frame links (that I should be using p.linking with). I’m assuming I don’t have to be p.linking everything? Thanks


Stand HK -> Crouch MK

It’s situational though, it has the greatest range & against some characters it can cancel in to HK Tatsu from very long distance, but HK tatsu does 80 damage after that (not including scaling) which means it’s not the most vital combos

Crouch MP (CH) -> Far HK

from what i recall it’s a 1 frame link, leads to ahit confirmable full combo, but it’s a really tough one, you have to register the counter hit & hit the link.

i think that’s it. Crouch MP -> Stand HP i think is a 2 frame link.

that said nothing stops you from plinking 2 frame links :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sorry, but :lol: :lol:

It’s ghetto, but it feels like HK Tatsu, FADC, CS.MP is a 1-framer. I think only Richard Nguyen uses this. :stuck_out_tongue:


cr.LP, cr.MK and cr.MP, cr.MK are amoung the most common one frame links you’ll be using.

I believe far HP on counter to hit is probably a 1 frame link to sweep after in SSF4. Feels like 1 frame link timing. In vanilla it is more lenient for sure.


It don’t think it has not been mentioned, isn’t close standing LP into sweep a 1f link too?

By the way, what do you guys use to plink for cr.MK (with 1f links, like from cr.LP, cr.MP and st.HK)? I mean, which fingers do you actually use.

I can’t seem to figure this out, and those 1f links are damn hard to pull off…


I don’t P link them. I have high consistency because I use them constantly.


The only 1 framer I even use on a semi-regular basis is s.HK > c.MK.

There is also c.LP > c.MK but frankly you shouldn’t be using that link at all if you have your combos down. So many better options.


You need cr.LP, cr.MK for when you’re jabbing from the tip of its range.


It is character specific. Many characters you can still combo c.MP from that distance.

Besides if you are hitting from that range then even if you land c.MK you can only EX Fireball. I personally prefer to take the large frame advantage to move closer and either grab or frame trap.


N00b question: isn’t the startup/total frames the same for both regular and EX Fireball? Does it really connect more easily?


Startup frames aren’t the only thing you should be looking at :wink: Fireball speeds differ by punch buttons even though they all have the same amount of startup frames.


Oh I see. I somehow thought that the Fierce fireball wouldn’t make much difference from a cr.MK… :sweat:


St.MP, cr.MP is one frame I think, not many times you’d use it, only really after a tatsu fadc.


Technically no, but the EX Fireball gives you more damage and a knockdown even if it is techable. Allows you to move in.



so i learned this neat combo in challenge mode that goes s.hk, c.lk xx lk tatsu, dp/etc.

is this good to use? should i be trying to learn linking s.hk -> c.mp or something for damage? or is there a combo that’s easier to time?

are any combo’s in challenge mode practical? well except for the bnb obviously


Actually I find c.LK, c.MP, and c.LP all useful links from s.HK. They are all situational links


Isn’t lk.tatsu > sweep a 1 frame link? at least vs some characters it feels like it.


Plink everything.


It depends on the falling speed of the character. The more floaty a character the easier it is. For instance Dhalsim is super easy to sweep.

There are a grand total of two links I find plink required and Tatsu sweep is one of them.


Which is the other one you plink Loyal?

Here what I always plink is Tatsu into Sweep and cl.LP/far LP into Sweep. I’m also trying to plink the Tatsu into HP reset, and I found myself more successfull at plinking cr.MP into st.HP, when going for a Tatsu - can’t do this if I have to go for a fireball cancel, sadly.