1 frame links


Off the top of your head I was wondering if people could list some well know 1 frame links for any fighting games. It’s for something I have planned vague.

Not some random cr.LP, st.MP that isn’t useful to the character but 1 frame links that are essential to a characters repertoire. Like a full combo that needs a 1 frame link somewhere within it.

This should also provide an interesting discussion point.

1 frame link/combo:


Virtua Fighter has a few 1-frame combos. Not really links but 1-frame delays.
Akira and Goh for example have a few 1-frame delay combos.

Anytime you see ‘1 frame delay’ it means you have to delay the timing between two moves by exactly one frame. So normally a sequence would be: launcher (juggle), punch, kick (this is very basic). But with a 1-frame delay built into the combo it would be: float, punch, 1-frame of delay, kick.

The VF system has a way of making this not as difficult as it sounds. By allowing a dash or crouching dash to come out for one frame and then going directly into an attack you can build combos with one frame delays in them without having to manually restrict yourself to 1/60 timing. So it would be: launcher, punch, dash command, kick. And the dash command would come out for only one frame.

In VF though the character Akira actually has a move where you hold down K+G at the same time but release the G button after 1/60 of a second (or one frame). So anytime you want to use Akira’s knee it’s a one frame duration command. You basically have to [media=youtube]B-JNeOfb5-Q"[/media] while hitting K on the same frame.


the only way to combo in this game is 1 frame links [media=youtube]f-UdPdOOOhE[/media]


Quoting Emil from this thread. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=206099


To my knowledge, Denpa is the only one that could do the combo for this long…3 one frame links in each repetition, about 5 reps done.


you have supers like IM’s proton cannon that can create an unblockable on 1 frame.

1 frame DHC’s that create unblockables.

Strider has a 1 frame crossup with drones and a 1 frame double orb combo which is really hard to pull off.

Sentinels f.lk, unfly, fly, fast fly lk is a triple just frame input. If you’re not perfect on the unfly, fly, fast fly, combo doesn’t connect.


some FRC on GG can be counted as 1 frame links


Sako Special
[media=youtube]hmY1h2ByUJw[/media] @1:32
All 1 frame links (


Shen Woo in KOF XII has a few follow up attacks that are 1-frame links. Only character in the game that has any tho iirc.


iirc …

Sakura in cvs2.

Roundhouse hurricane kick link into standing jab is 1 frame.


I believe in SSZ, Enja’s chain attack is 1 frame inputs.


cr.strong cr.jab with Twelve :x