1 min SBO'06 video





damn that guy was loud. Good clip though…

um, jesus christ.

i was watching with NO audio, who were those two players?

3s is definitely on a different level in JP.

wow that shit was dope. sure this is ok to release publicly?

just 1 min…i think is OK

OMFG!!.. bet Akuma dude didn’t see what was coming lmao!

i believe the match is Nihiro (Urien) vs Jiro (Akuma). not sure though.

good shit at the end.

:clap: Very impressive, I didn’t even see it coming.

The Akuma is Match, cant remember who the Urien player was though.

that shit is nice

I Demand More Sbo’06 Footage

that was awesome

Wow, now that’s some clutch parrying. I know it’s rather obvious why, but it’s just amazing how much better many people get when they have to parry.

I agree, that shit was insane, wow…and the dude that started screaming added tot eh excitment, he had me crackin up, yo, when does this come out?

damn that was good

I smelled the comeback after that first Aegis, and it was still awesome.

Nihiro vs Match it was…Match power one!

Thanks for the upload ato. Crazy ass come back…