1 more week guys!

As a few of you know, I will be leaving for Basic Training for the Army in 11 days. But before then, I would like to get in a few matches with everyone! It will be the last time I get to play HDR for about 6 months, so I will try be online as much as possible! If you have’t done so already, please add me, SRK_BOXER, and I will try get in a few games with you.

I will probably be going through withdrawals from SF while I am gone, but hopefully playing against you guys will help mitigate the pain of missing HDR! I look forward to seeing you guys online in the coming days :slight_smile:

Good luck and stay safe during your time in the military, Boxer!

Good luck to you, sir!

I wish I was on PSN so I could give you a “farewell” match skeelo. Good luck and stay safe! :tup:

Damn, I won’t have a chance to fight you for awhile.

Good luck, man. Hope everything goes well. And stay safe, also.

Well Ladies & Gentlemen, I am officially done with Basic Training. I landed in Tuscon about an hour ago, and I’m just waiting for a bus ride to the Base. I have my laptop with me, and I’m hoping that they have Wi-Fi at the barracks (I’ve heard they do, but we’ll see). If they do, I am hoping to be on GGPO tonight, if time permits.

My PS3 will be shipped to me in a week or so, so I’m hopin to be back on HDR soon as well. Lookin forward to playin agianst everyone again!

Time for some boxer v boxer.