1 -> multiple button presses

This may be somewhat basic, but so far I have only done simple soldering without knowing about about eletronics.
When I built my stick, I drilled 10 button holes (start, select, 8 action buttons). I don’t want to cut another hole for the PS button, so I thought about bringing back the “SELECT+UP = PS” method you guys may know from PSX adapters when used on the PS3. Basically: to do a PS-Home-buttonpress, press SELECT and hold UP on your pad/stick simultanously.

Is it possible to accomplish that functionality with this wiring?


You’re SOL; the inability to do even the most basic of hacks is the downside of using a non-common ground pad like a SIXAXIS. Drill another hole or do without.

Hijacking this thread: If I had a common ground 360 controller (Mad Catz Retro Stick), this kind of thing would be workable? Would the only consideration be that you would have (e.g.) select, up, and guide all be firing at the same time?

There would be a little more to consider, because the logic gate chip would have to be powered to work, and would require a power toggle switch to turn it off when not in use so the batteries wouldn’t die.

Is the logic gate chip what allows powering on the xbox via the controller? I’m not as worried about that as I am about just being able to access Guide without a dedicated button.

Thanks Toodles!

I was actually wondering if this exact same type of thing was possible on the Cthulhu board. I plan on modding an Agetec with a Cthulhu board and I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to have multi-button presses used for Select, Home, L1 and L2. For example, hold a direction and press start to access one of these buttons. I’d love to not have to drill four button holes in it.

Hey, i’m interested on the solution or the posibility of this… i really hope that toodles can explain us a couple of things (actually i been thinking the same thing to make a sync button activation with the combination of multiple commands), best regards!

Why won’t it work? Am I missing something about connecting or separating 2 circuits? Would it be possible if I wire PS- to SEL-, make a connection from SEL+ to UP-, then from UP+ to PS+? What if I try it out - will it fry the PCB?

Look at your picture again. Follow the path with your eyes. Let me ask you: would the PS COM and PS lines be connected if you pressed the Up microswitch by itself? What about the Select microswitch by itself?

Wouldn’t it be possible (though require a lot of wirework) to have one button that you use ONLY in conjunction with another button like a modifier button of sorts? So the button does nothing by itself, but if you hold it down and press another button the other button determines the function. I mean, you’d end up inputting say UP and HOME at the same time but I don’t suppose that would cause too many problems.

No, it wont hurt anything as long as you stick to the axisdapter board. Best of luck.

Oh… my… god… I feel stupid now :wasted:

I actually did figure how to do this with a few simple components. I figured how to do this for common ground pads, and I eventually found how to do it for the Sixaxis/DS3. This info will be in the next update of my site.