1 red bar constantly (Ps3)

Hello. I’ve been trying to get some Ae practice over the last while due to being distracted from gaming for a bit. The first day I was playing last week almost everybody I faced hat 3 green bars. After that, for the last 5 days EVERY SINGLE person I have been in a match with had but one red bar. I know it’s not my internet because I’m running the ps3 with ethernet, and my internet connection in my house has been fine the whole time. I also mark off “Same region.”

Is this just horribly bad luck or is there something else going on here?



Any other Internet usage in your home?

What kind of internet connection do you have? DSL, Cable, FIOS, T1?

Yes there is a few computers on it, but I did a ping test and I got like 22ms.

I was just looking at my ISP website on my account, but couldn’t figure out what kind I have. so i’ll just say what every moron and his mother says, It’s high-speed.

Who is your ISP?

Go to http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ and run a speed test to see what kind of download/upload speeds you are getting.

Shaw (Canada.)

I got 8.86 mbps download on the chicago server.

Bump. Hasn’t gotten any better. I know there is no interference between ps3 and network, streamed hd content fine.

Bump problem continues.