1 Vs. 1 or 3 Vs. 3

As some of you may know…I’m new to KoF and plan on getting KoFXIII after watching the Sunday streams (awesome competition btw) but something I noticed is that they usually play 3 vs. 3…is this a new standard for the most common form of battle for KoF? (Like in SF…online most players play 2 out of 5 rounds…some rare occasions, players will put 3 out 5)
Will most people play 1 vs. 1? or will learning 3 characters be the basics of an introduction to KoFXIII?
Reason I ask is because it’s easy to pick up 3 characters in Marvel…but it seems like KoFXIII roster has a lot of depth to each respective character…

KOF is traditionally 3 vs. 3 and it’ll remain that way. It may take some time to learn a character, but the match ups are generally more homogenized than in SF. Meaning you could have the same general game plan with particular characters/archetypes and make small adjustments to compensate for the differences with each character you play. An example would be Iori and Kyo being both rushdown characters that have similar high/low mix-ups upon oki. Key differences when playing either character though is that Kyo would have to use st.A or a rekka to control the hop space while Iori has to use st.D to some something similar, or that Kyo has a good cr.C for verticle AA while Iori lacks this, or that Iori lacks a good safe/cancelable sweep like Kyo but makes up for it by having a good projectile. Then know similarities such as Kyo’s j.B hits deep vertically just like Iori’s j.C and both have that function as jump-ins but both lack applications as air-to-airs, while both of their j.D attacks are more horizontal and are great for air-to-air but are susceptible to cr.B anti-air attacks if the j.D is done way too early.

But yeah if you’re coming into KOF, be prepared to pick the minimum of 3 characters. But, the general gameflow and match-ups shouldn’t be as specific and minute that it’ll take a great deal of time to learn a character. At first, just learn your normals, bnbs, and punishes.

Kof was the first crossover and the first with 3 on 3 team battles.

3v3 is standard, but since the console versions of the game also have a 1v1 mode, you can use that to learn individual characters better before jumping into team battles.

Has anyone heard if there will be a team mode multiplayer for the console versions? Not like the one XII had, but an actual team mode where each team would consist of three players playing individual characters? That would be too cool.

It’s called passing around the stick/controller.

My prior attempts at passing my stick through my TV monitor have failed.