1 year balance update 1 time too slow or too fast?


i feel too slow in tournament u will see only 5-6 characters make tournament not excited,
top player only use advantage char , new player use char him like and hope get some good exp when he try to join tournament.
get exp
0-2 eliminated

go home and never open sfv againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
(lol dota cs is my best friend )


lets see first if capcom is even able to implement good balance changes at the end of the year.
based on that maybe its better when they touch the game just once a year :stuck_out_tongue:


It depends on how dramatic this patch is.

If it’s dramatic enough for the time spent and in the right direction, I’d say once a year is perfect.


Its perfect. Sure the top was set kind of early on (which happens a lot im fighting games generally), but the amount of gameplay figured out for the rest needed time. Had capcom done a 6 month patch some characters would’ve turned into monster tier as opposed to where they are at as mid.

The part thats going to bother people is that this game doesnt need really radical changes so you may jot get as big a shake up as you did in the SF4 changes. So it’ll be interesting to see how things go about after capcom cup.


i think chun is the only character that stands out more than every other character
minor adjustments

other than that I think the roster is balanced with a few standing out but they arent dominating like chun

I think where it’s at right now is that making a minor adjustment to a character can bring that character to the top


A year is perfect. Look at all the character shifts that occurred since this game was released. Ryu and Ken were supposedly in wheelchairs on release and now their top. Bison was top early on and now he’s on the bottom. Mika, Zangief and Laura have moved up. We wouldn’t get this if Capcom was patch crazy like NRS.


I think a nice middle way can be do extraordinary fix for obvious toogood/toobad shit, but keep the giant ass balance patch once a year

But again, i don’t understand gameplay at high levels so fuck my opinion


Once a year is good unless something is blatantly unbalanced. If updates are too frequent, people get lazy and say “fuck it i’ll wait til my character gets buffed”.


People drop the game. That’s what I did with MK9. So much kneejerk balancing in that game.


It works. Its one of the big reasons I stopped playing KI for this game. Im guaranteed to get a game where I can fight the meta and not the devs.


A year is probably the time frame that makes the most sense.

I will say that I think making such a claim on the first year of their game when it was so poorly received may not have been the best idea, but hopefully they’ve been using this whole year to figure out how to spice up their game and give it something unique, because right now SFV is just a cookie cutter SF game. It also poorly accomplishes the goals it initially wanted like being casual friendly, teaching new players, having a really solid fundamental experience and so on…

Regardless of my bias towards this year of SFV seeming like an eternity, I think for people who probably like SFV as it is right now, it sounds just right. For the rest of us still waiting on S2 to see if we ditch this game until S3 or stick around, it seems really long. Gettin’ there, slowly but surely…


I agree but imho they need to be very careful to cover the entire cast… it must suck have a char that need help, get ignored and the players that use him can only go “well, maybe next year”


Still overall less complaining with that than constantly rearranging the meta every time you get off work. Never gonna have perfect balance, but focusing on what a year of players have built a meta for will give better results than just knee jerk switching things around.


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A balance update each year seems good enough depending on the severeness.


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this one kind of died of real quick though. Seems everybody is more than fine with balance changes being a yearly thing like they were with SF4.


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didn’t even know I had this window open to to be honest. Was gonna post it in the lounge but now we’re sort of stuck here waiting for this patches to happen and trying to figure life out. :rofl:


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